'Shahs of Sunset's Mercedes 'MJ' Javid Keeping the 'Door Open' for Spinoff Amid Bravo Negotiation (Exclusive)

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Javid has yet to renew her contract with Bravo for another season of 'Shahs.'

Mercedes "MJ" Javid could be saying goodbye to Shahs of Sunset

During a sitdown with ET's Jason Carter on Wednesday, the reality star revealed she's still in negotiations to return to the Bravo series. Javid, who has starred on the show since its first season in 2012, said that while the rest of the cast has started filming season eight, she's yet to sign her deal. "I hope that I do, but we're negotiating," she admitted, adding that she's leaving the "door open" for a spinoff series. 

The news comes weeks after Javid welcomed her first child, son Shams Francis Feight, with her husband, Tommy Feight. Following complications during delivery, the new mom was admitted to the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

"Funny enough a lot of drama on set is centered on me," Javid added, noting that the cast has yet to visit her or her new baby, and that Reza blocked her on social media while she was in the ICU. Cameras were not with Javid in the hospital. 

"I think that we have a tendency to just try to respect the Bravo family, and I know that if I'm gong to be doing something on TV, I will respect the journey and share it on their cameras," she said. 

As for her possible spinoff, Javid teased that "we can't deny people of the best thing ever." She added, "I definitely would love to continue being part of the family."

For now, Javid is focusing on her son. "I have a brand-new newborn to think about. I have to be strong on the outside," she said before opening up about her emergency C-section and birth complications. 

"I lost a lot of blood, and I had a lot of transfusions to stay alive," she revealed. "The look of all the nurses and doctors who came in, that was a reality check, seeing Tommy, my mom, that was a wake-up call." 

"I slept through most of it, but it was really a big deal to see so many hospital doctors and nurses and staff say, 'We're so lucky and we're so happy we didn't lose you.' That was not what I was expecting birth to be," she confessed. 

Javid's time in the ICU allowed Feight to create a special bond with their son, which Javid said has made him an incredible father. "He's so great," she gushed of baby Shams. "I can't wait to go home and squeeze him, and stare at him until he's 18 years old."

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