Shania Twain Opens Up About Creating a 'Party Vibe' for Her New Las Vegas Residency (Exclusive)

Shania Twain
Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

The singer opened up to ET about her upcoming show at the Zappos Theater in Planet Hollywood which opens Dec. 6.

Shania Twain is returning to Las Vegas for an all-new residency show, and the superstar country singer is bringing a whole new vibe for her latest show in Sin City.

The songstress sat down with ET and opened up about her upcoming Let's Go residency show, which is set to run for two years, and how it's going to be different than anything she's done in Las Vegas before.

"Two years! [Which means] I get to settle down with a great production and have a party," Twain shared. "So I'm gonna theme the show after a party. It's time to party!"

Twain previously performed a show in Vegas called Shania: Still the One, which ended in 2014, and the singer explained that her old show and her upcoming residency are "worlds apart."

"My Still the One show was a more romantic, more theatrical type show and this show is gonna be very sexy fashions [and a] party vibe," Twain explained.

Twain also said that, as a producer on the project, she has "a lot more emotional freedom," as well as time and energy to "spend on being a producer on something from the ground up."

"It's a big undertaking and there's a lot of responsibility but I'm having a lot of fun with it," she added. "I'm wearing a lot of hats."

From her wardrobes and fashion choices to her stage design to even the mechanical and technical aspects of the performance, Twain says she's getting very involved in the inner workings of the production.

"I'm hands on and I love being behind the scenes," Twain shared. "In fact, I'm usually quite sad when the creative side is over and it's just now showtime every night."

One thing that keeps Twain motivated and excited about performing are her fans, and she's been floored by watching her audience grow up and evolve over the length of her impressive career.

She reflected on how she used to see little kids with their parents standing, screaming and dancing in the audience, and now those little ones have become adults with their own lives, but their support remains strong.

"They're parents now, you know? The parents that were holding them on their shoulders, in the '90s, and carrying them to my concerts, their kids are now taking them to the concerts," Twain shared. "It's just so awesome and it's a privilege to be a generation bridge, really, with my music. That's what music does."

Shania Twain's Let's Go residency will kick off Dec. 6 at Planet Hollywood's Zappos Theater in Las Vegas.