Sharna Burgess on Her Hopes of Becoming a Mom One Day and Her 'Love' for Brian Austin Green (Exclusive)

'He is an amazing dad, I can tell you that,' the 'Dancing With the Stars' pro tells ET of her new beau.

Sharna Burgess and Brian Austin Green are opening up about their beautiful love story.

While chatting with ET via Zoom on Monday, in support of their new Search4Smiles campaign, the couple got candid about how their relationship has blossomed over the past few months and what qualities they love most about each other.

"I'm excited for this time in life ... and I'm excited that she's in my life. I think she's amazing. My kids love her. It's a win-win right now," Green gushed to ET's Katie Krause. "I totally love her. That's without any question at all."

Burgess chimed in, adorably telling ET, "I second it, I mirror it. I love him."

"Honestly, eight months has gone really, really fast," she added. "It feels like the blink of an eye, but I also feel like I've known him my whole life. So it's one of those."

One thing Burgess said she admires most about Green is how amazing of a father he is to the three kids he shares with ex Megan Fox -- Noah, 8, Bodhi, 7, and Journey, 4. He's also dad to 19-year-old son Kassius with ex Vanessa Marcil.

"He is an amazing dad, I can tell you that. He's one of the best I've ever known or witnessed. He's incredible," Burgess shared. "I love spending time with the boys. I love having them in my life. They're amazing kids, so it's not a hard gig."

"I've always loved kids. I love teaching kids and I've worked with kids a lot. A lot of my friends have kids now and I'm obsessed with them, so it was really wonderful for me to be able to connect with them," she continued. "They're really cool little humans, and it's just [about] becoming good friends with them, learning what they like and playing with them and having a good time. They're really awesome."

Green added that it's been "amazing" seeing Burgess bond so naturally with his children.

"She's great with them, she really is," he marveled. "She's super fun. They love hanging out with her and doing things and she has a great connection with each one of them. But she's also, she just instinctually sort of knows how to not be a stepparent in that way, but really just bond with them and love them."

"They feel really safe with her, and it's an amazing connection that they have," he shared. "She has it with all three of them on their own. So she really knows what each one likes and doesn't, and she walks the line really well with them."

As for whether Burgess is open to having kids of her own someday? "Oh, sure. Kids have always been on the cards for me," the Dancing With the Stars pro exclaimed.

"One hundred percent, they've always been on the cards for me," she continued. "So we'll see what the universe says will happen. We're just going to leave that open."

For now, Burgess and Green are focused on raising awareness for their Search4Smiles campaign and the Trueheart Search Engine, which donates 80% of their profits to charity. By simply using them as your search engine, funds are generated that go directly to a good cause. 

"It's an amazing thing and it's a really smart idea," Green said. "It seems like now is the right time for people, after this pandemic, that don't necessarily have the funds to be able to donate to causes, for them to just be able to get online and do what it is they normally do and the donations are made for them. It doesn't cost them a cent. So, that's a big deal."

"I'm really excited that we get to do things like this with Smile Train, and help bring smiles to other people," added Burgess. That makes me smile. Knowing that I can make a difference makes me smile."

Burgess said that talking about philanthropy is one of the ways she and Green bonded early on in their relationship.

"We bonded over wanting to do good and create change and the whole passion for philanthropy when we were getting to know each other," she shared. "So the fact that this came to us was super cool."

"I think Brian said it best, actually; it's something that you can see an end to," she continued. "You can see real, instant change with what we're doing here with Smile Train. That's so cool, to be able to see that gratification, that change and that improvement."

To learn more about the campaign, fans can visit