Sharna Burgess Shares Behind-the-Scenes Pregnancy Moments With Brian Austin Green

There's a sweet moment between her late father and Brian featured.

Sharna Burgess is taking fans on the emotional journey of her pregnancy with boyfriend Brian Austin Green. The 36-year-old Dancing With the Stars pro is expecting a baby boy in July and decided to document the process of finding out she was pregnant and telling her family in a touching new video. 

"I can’t watch this without crying," Burgess shared on Instagram. 

Sharna noted that her father, Raymond Eric Burgess, who died in January 2022, was able to find out the news of his future grandchild in person from Sharna and Brian, and he is seen in the video shaking Brian's hand and saying "that's magic."

"He passed away only a month later, and some part of me thinks he was holding on to see that I was OK," Sharna wrote. "That I am safe and loved and truly happy." 

Capturing the moment on film was special for the dance pro, who added, "It’s the handshake between Bri and my Dad that gets me every time. Can a heart be broken and full at the same time about the same moment? Mine feels that way."

The video also captures Sharna getting her first positive pregnancy test and her tearful reaction. "It wasn't planned but the timing couldn't have been more perfect," she wrote of the pregnancy. 

She also shares her mom's shocked reaction, saying she shouted, "F**k!" 

"And now it's my turn to be a parent," she wrote. "I will give it my everything and hope I do half as good a job as mine did." 

She added that with three months left until the estimated arrival of her little one, she has "no idea" what to do, but noted, "I'm surrounded by people that do. People I love and trust deeply. And, I trust my own instincts and nurturing nature. I know I'm meant for this. I'm meant for him."