Shawn Johnson Shares the Emotional Moment Her Daughter Drew Arrived

See the Olympian's sweet new video.

Shawn Johnson just shared a touching new clip featuring the exact moment her daughter, Drew, was born.

The Olympic gold medalist and her husband, Andrew East, posted the new video on YouTube on Sunday. The video, titled "pregnancy + childbirth | the east family," explores some key moments in the couple's relationship leading up to the arrival of their first child on Nov. 4. After 22 hours of labor, East filmed a segment from the hospital explaining the situation to their followers. 

"The baby was not moving and Shawn's body was just a little too small and her hips were too tight because of her past in athletics that, after they broke the water, they could only wait so long until she went back to the operating room… to get a C-section," he states. "And so, I'm realizing that that's a pretty significant surgery and I'm just sitting her praying for her. But I know she's gonna do great, like she always does, and I'm so excited that now I'm finally gonna meet the baby."

That's when the clip cuts to Johnson lying in the operating room with a curtain obscuring her view below her waist. After a moment, her and East's baby's crying erupts from the other side of the curtain and the new mom and dad burst into tears. 

"I told you you were going to cry," Johnson tells her husband, who playfully responds, "I'm not crying, you're crying."

After the baby girl is weighed and diapered, she's given to her mother who holds her as East films. The touching clip ends with East announcing their daughter's arrival to other family members in the hospital waiting room, who happily hug the new dad.

Days after welcoming their child, Johnson revealed her name with a sweet post on Instagram featuring a photo of the trio, writing alongside: "Drew Hazel East 8lbs 8oz  20.5 inches long 10/29/19 Named after the most incredible person I know... her daddy."

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