Shawn Johnson's Husband Andrew East Goes to Emergency Room After Fainting During Workout

Shawn Johnson, Andrew East
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

See the couple's harrowing new video.

Just weeks after welcoming their first child, former Olympian Shawn Johnson's family paid another trip to the hospital.

Over the weekend, Johnson and her husband, Andrew East, posted a new video on their YouTube channel, where they revealed that East was admitted to the emergency room after he fainted and hit his head.

"Yesterday I planned a workout with two of my good friends," he states in the video alongside his wife and newborn daughter, Drew. "And we're supposed to start at 6 a.m. So I woke up, rolled out of bed at 5 a.m. and went downstairs to kinda clean up and prepare for us doing a group workout. The day before I had left a 185-pound pound bar on the ground that needed to be broken down. So, literally the first movement that I did, which again was not great, was dead-lifting clean this 185-pound bar… As soon as I put the bar on the rack, I went from being fully conscious to nothing."

At this point, a video feed from the home gym shows East passing out on the floor. In a few moments, he regained consciousness and began debating whether or not he should head to the hospital.

"As soon as they roll in, they see this puddle of blood," East says of his friend's arrival. "They're trying to figure out what happened, they're running my head in the sink and trying to figure out do I need to go to the hospital. The decision was made that I do need to go to the ER and again, I have no idea what's happening."

East ultimately got nine staples in his head in the hospital. The couple explained that the doctors believed his heart might have caused him to faint and had him stay in the hospital a little longer. He described Johnson breaking down in tears when he finally told her he could come home.

"As soon as I heard Shawn cry and watched the video of me being fully present and then gone like that, I realized that we have a daughter now who we're fully responsible for and who depends on us, literally for her life," he states. "Just thinking about how now we got this new house and everything's kind of going well with business and our friends and we're having a great time here in Nashville and things are going according to plan, more or less, right? But just like that [snaps fingers], things change and it was a humbling experience."

Warning: the video contains graphic content.

On Tuesday, East shared a new video on Instagram to assure fans that he's doing just fine.

"Hey, thanks so much for everyone who has asked if I'm OK," he tells the camera. "I am doing well. I got nine staples in my head, but we were just laughing about how much of a rag-tag crew we are now. We got me with my head injury now. We got Shawn with a broken toe and recovering [from a] C-section, Drew's still trying to figure out how to do life on this side."

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