Shawn Mendes Gets a Butterfly Tattoo After a Fan Suggests It

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Shawn Mendes has added some new ink to his collection!

Earlier this month, a fan of the 20-year-old singer took to Twitter to share a Photoshopped image of Mendes rocking a butterfly tattoo on his arm. The "Senorita" singer noticed the edited pic and retweeted the image, even asking the fan who shared the shots to send him the original drawing.

"Wait this is awesome, can u DM the drawing??" Mendes asked in a tweet to @nasaruins.

The social media user then received a DM from Mendes himself, once again asking for an image of the tattoo and questioning how she managed to get the butterfly on a photo of him. In screenshots from their DM conversation, the fan explained which app she used and offered to send Mendes her work again.

Following the exchange, Mendes decided he liked the design, which was created by a Chilean tattoo artist, enough to move forward with getting the ink. On Monday, Mendes' tattoo artist, Livia Tsang, took to Instagram to show off the Canadian crooner's new butterfly design.

"??? For the best @shawnmendes. Based on an edit from a fan, original art by @macdreaper ?," Tsang wrote. 

"Thank you @shawnmendes for making my work look cool ?," she added in a second post.

During a meet and greet at the Dallas stop of his tour, Mendes told fans there's no specific meaning to his new ink. "I just think it's cool," he said, according to an Instagram Live video posted by @smendesking. "Sometimes that's meaning enough."

He also shared pics of his new tattoo on Instagram and praised his tattoo artist, saying, "Hey @liviatsang, you’re the best. Thank you x Dallas I love you! ?."

The original designer also took to Instagram to share a sketch of his work and to thank Mendes and Tsang for "sharing my art."

"This is the original design!?. @shawnmendes . ?I thank you very much for all the messages of love that you have sent me and for appreciating and sharing my art," @macdreaper wrote. "For those who have asked me, I am located in Santiago de Chile. I invite you to continue reviewing and sharing my art. ?always available to tattoo."

Additionally, the fan behind the edit was beyond excited that Mendes was inspired by her work, taking to Twitter to celebrate the epic moment that left her with "no words."

 Mendes' new ink comes amid a rumored romance with Camila Cabello. Watch the video below for more on their recent PDA-filled outings.


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