'Siesta Key': Juliette Porter Reacts to Alex Kompo's 'Shocking' Baby News -- Where They Stand Now (Exclusive)

'Siesta Key' Season 3: Juliette Reacts to Alex's Baby News

The drama on Siesta Key escalates to a whole new level in season three, which premiered on Jan. 7 on MTV.  

Fans are also getting a taste of what's to come this season via the cast's social media, including the news that Alex Kompo is expecting a baby with girlfriend Alyssa.  

Kompo announced the pregnancy in an Instagram post on Christmas and, of course, this came as a major shock since he and Juliette Porter's tumultuous on-again, off-again relationship has been the focal point of the Florida-based reality series for the past two seasons.

As it turns out, Juliette was just as flabbergasted by the baby bombshell as the rest of us -- and she claims Alex himself was pretty surprised, too. 

Before we get into all of that though, Juliette, who stopped by ET with her current love interest on the show, Robby Hayes, set the record straight on their current relationship -- revealing she broke up with him after they moved too quickly during the 'honeymoon' phase. Have no fear, though, as this will all play out on the show -- and yes, Alex played a part in their split. In fact, Juliette reveals to ET that Alex 'slapped' Robby during filming.  

"I had been in a relationship for two years and then to jump right back in another one wasn't the smartest thing to do," Porter explains. "I think everyone can agree with that... the breaking leads to opening." 

But back to the baby news of it all. It hit Juliette hard.  

"It was hard. It was definitely hard. I mean, everyone can think I am very petty for saying this but this is actually reality; he basically knocked up his rebound and I think it was too soon for me because he basically got another girl pregnant the same year we broke up... which is a fact," she says.  "That was a lot for me, but I'm actually, like, definitely healing, so, I'm getting better. It just takes time, you know, like, it was a lot. And [Alyssa], I mean, you'll see on the season... We're fine in the beginning... She was very aware of the situation we were all in and then it kind of slowly, tensions started to get high as she definitely got feelings for him and he was just the same Alex he had always been; constantly lying, constantly cheating, like all of that, so." 

The 21-year-old says she found out that Alex and Alyssa were expecting on the same day as his mom did, noting that the pregnancy was also a massive surprise to Alex.  

"I know he was shocked," she says. "I found out the same day his mother found out. Like, this is how much of a shock this was to everyone. I spoke to his father about it. And in these types of situations, you simply ask, 'Are you keeping the child?' She says yes or no. She says yes, then you are going to be a father. That's how it works! He has no choice and I mean, and, he's not gonna say he was ready to have a child. Like that's just not true but I hope he's accepting the situation he's in and going to give it everything he has." 

Juliette also claims that Alex cheated on Alyssa with her before Alyssa got pregnant. So yeah, this all a bit messy. 

"I don't think he cheated on me with her but he definitely cheated on her with me," Juliette explains. "This is when they were dating for, like, two months, so."

Yet still, Juliette hopes Alex will change his ways now that he's about to become a dad.  

"We'll see. I really do hope... I've always said Alex will be a great father," she says. "I think he will be a great father and I also think this girl is really good for him. She's a lot more into his lifestyle than I am. Like, Alex and I were always very different, that's why we clashed a lot. She's definitely calmer than I am and in ways, I think she, like, accepts more things than I do... I wish him the best and, you know, this is his path now and I hope that everything works out for him."

Juliette shares that she and Alex haven't spoken much recently. In fact, the last time they talked was in September.  

"The last thing we said to each other was like, 'I hate you' and some curse words... It's bad," she says, adding that viewers will probably see this conversation air.  "I think it was filmed. It was really, really not pretty to watch. I think that they're definitely gonna show some of that. Yeah, it gets really, really heated." 

Despite all the anger though, we should note that prior to their current situation, Juliette thought she and Alex might reconcile.  

"Yeah, there was probably a part of me that was like, 'Oh, it's never really over,' because it never really was with him," she reveals. 

But now, there's no chance they'll get back together.   

"I'm 22 and I don't have any desire to be a stepmother," she adds. 

For more from our conversation with Juliette and Robby, watch the video above.  

Siesta Key airs Tuesday nights on MTV. 



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