Scheana Shay Gives Her Blessing to Ex-Fling Robby Hayes' Romance With 'Siesta Key' Star (Exclusive)

The 'Vanderpump Rules' star tells ET that the 'Bachelorette' alum and 'Siesta Key's Juliette Porter are perfect for each other.

Scheana Shay is single and loving it.

"I don't see that changing anytime soon," the Vanderpump Rules star tells ET. "Eggs are on ice. Single Scheana's having fun. Summer is here, almost!"

"I'm not looking [for a guy] at all," she adds. "If it happens, it happens. I'm just having fun living my life right now. I just bought a house in Palm Springs and, yeah, I'm not trying to settle down right now."

This revelation comes just weeks after Pump Rules fans watched Scheana beg Adam Spott, her "best friend"-turned-lover, tell her he loves her. Adam refused to do so, seemingly ending whatever was brewing between them. Scheana says, for now, she and Adam are no longer seeing each other in any capacity, really, though they do talk from time to time.

Adam wasn’t the only guy who Scheana pursued on season seven of the Bravo hit, her first season not in a serious relationship following her divorce from Mike Shay and split from Rob Valletta. Bachelorette alum Robby Hayes, 30, also made a cameo, making out with the 34-year-old on top of a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. The pair’s fling seemingly fizzled not long after that and, now, Robby has seemingly moved on with Siesta Key star Juliette Porter, 21. The pair has been sharing PDA-heavy pictures on social media together for the past couple of weeks.

"I hung out with them at Stagecoach [music festival], she was an absolute sweetheart, adorable" Scheana shares, before asking with a laugh, "Is she old enough to drink?"

"She’s just his type," she adds. "I think they are just perfect for each other."

According to Scheana, Robby may even appear on the next season of Juliette’s MTV series. For now, Scheana is focused on the end of the current season of her show. Season seven of Vanderpump wraps up Monday night with part three of a very tense reunion that, lucky for Scheana, she mostly sat back and watched.

"I've been doing this going on eight years now," she notes. "I know better than to talk over someone. It is very hard for the audio people in the editing room when everyone's yelling over everyone. So, sometimes, I'm just like, you know what? Sometimes it's better to not say anything. I have nothing personally to do with this, so why am I going to yell just to get camera time? It's not my thing. So, I was in a good place with everyone going into that day."

Most of the reunion’s drama has centered around James Kennedy, who more than half the cast seems to hate.

"You know, James has hurt a lot of people," Scheana says. "I'm not one of them, so I do see where everyone else is coming from, but I just kind of try and stay out of that, because I mean, as we know, I'm the person who wants everyone to be friends and I'm friends with everyone, and I'm always in the middle."

That being said, Scheana thinks there’s still a place for James in the group.

"He's definitely part of the group, just a small part of the group," she says. "Maybe like an eighth of the group."

ET spoke with Scheana at the 4th Annual World Dog Day in West Hollywood, California, on May 18. Her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, throws the annual celebration for man’s best friend to bring awareness to end the dog meat trade in Asia, specifically in Yulin, China.

"She's done so much work with stopping Yulin and I'm just happy to be a part of it," Scheana shares.

Vanderpump Rules’ final episode of season seven airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. For more on the show, including James’ reaction to the reunion, check out the video and links below.


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