Simone Biles Weighs in on Whether She'll Compete in the Paris 2024 Olympics

The Olympic gymnast says she'll be in Paris no matter what.

Simone Biles isn't ruling out a return to the Olympic stage. The 25-year-old Olympic medalist spoke about the possibility of participating as a competing gymnast in the Paris 2024 Olympics during her Wednesday night appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden

"I think, right now, I still have to heal mentally and physically, so I will be in Paris. I just don't know at what role, if that is an athlete or an audience member, so we'll just have to see," Biles shared with Corden. 

Biles made headlines around the world during the 2021 Tokyo Olympics after making the difficult decision to withdraw herself from the team competition, the all-around, and the majority of her individual events for her own mental health and safety. 

Later that year, she told ET that she received an "overwhelming amount of love and support of outreach of fans, family."

"I'm just very blessed to still be in this position and to have so many people reaching out, showing love and respect for me," she said. "It shines a whole new light on the sport and ourselves as not just an athlete, but as a human."

In her personal life, Biles is also deep in wedding planning mode for her upcoming nuptials to fiancé Jonathan Owens

"I have an amazing wedding planner," she told Corden. "Bachelor/bachelorette parties are being planned. Everything is on time. I probably am almost too ahead of wedding stuff right now. I was here in L.A. trying on some of my dresses and stuff so that was super exciting."

As for how she knew that Owens was "the one," Biles joked about the awkward first date moment that solidified her bond with the football player. 

"I went over to his apartment and he has a bulldog and his bulldog went absolutely nuts, was whimpering, crying, started peeing everywhere. He was like, 'Well, he probably likes you, I guess,'" she recalled. "Ever since then his dog picked me, he had to pick me and that's why I'm here."