'Sister Wives' Recap: Kody Shares His Hopes for Ex Christine, Estranged Wife Janelle

Christine Brown divorced Kody in late 2021 after 25 years of marriage.

After a season of messy splits, tension and drama, Kody Brown is looking toward the future. The Sister Wives star ended the TLC reality show's One-on-One special by sharing his hopes and dreams for himself and his family. 

"One of the kids told me, 'Dad, Mom says you have your soulmate and she wants hers,'" Kody told host Sukanya Krishnan of his ex-wife, Christine Brown. "Well, I hope she finds her soulmate."

Christine spoke about Kody and his wife, Robyn Brown, during the special, saying that she'd never understood what a "soulmate" really was until she saw them. 


"For sure [it made me jealous]," Christine shared. "I didn't know what a soulmate looked like before that, not really. I didn't know that there could be more in a marriage. Kody and I had something special. We really, honestly had something super, super special and super fun and super awesome, but then when I needed his help and he wouldn't give it to me, it kind of was this click where I've done everything for you and you can't give this to me. And then he and Robyn met and he was everything for her, it seemed like. And she was also everything for him and they were just this unit together."

Christine publicly announced her divorce from Kody in late 2021 and their split has played out on this past season of the show. 

Of his other relationships, Kody added, "I hope I find a happy and beautiful place with Janelle and I hope all my kids and I can reconcile."

Kody and Janelle confirmed during the special that they have officially separated after almost 30 years together. A big part of the tension between Janelle and Kody has stemmed from his estrangement from their kids amid the COVID pandemic. 


"He's not made any effort. He still is acting like they need to come to him," Janelle said of Kody's attitude toward their older sons. 

For his part, Kody said he "loves" Janelle and "absolutely" would be open to working on their marriage

"I want to fix it, yes, but that's a whole new negotiation," he noted. "We're in a new place."

He made no mention of his first wife, Meri, whom he is also estranged from.