'Sister Wives' Sneak Peek: Christine Brown Ignores Call From Ex Kody Brown on Former Anniversary (Exclusive)

Christine announced her split from her ex in 2021 after 25 years of being spiritually married.

Christine Brown might have split from Kody Brown after 25 years of being spiritually married in 2021, but that doesn't mean she's not finding a way to celebrate their former anniversary.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek clip for Sunday's episode of Sister Wives, Christine and some pals, including sister wife Janelle Brown, get together for a meal in honor of what the mother of six dubs her "ex-anniversary." 

While cheers-ing and chatting about her life, Christine receives a shocking phone call from none other than Kody himself. 

"Weird, it's Kody of all people," she tells the group. "I have no idea why Kody's calling me, no idea… Am I going to take the call? Ugh, no." 

Kody clears up the reason for his call in his own interview, saying, "I found out that Christine was in town so I called her because I wanted to see if Truely was available."


Truely Brown is the former couple's youngest daughter who moved to Utah with Christine after their split.  

As for how she's doing now, Christine says that while it's "really hard" leaving a marriage, she's a "big fan of divorce."

"It sure feels good on the other side. I'm a big fan of divorce. If you're thinking about it, I say go for it," she exclaims. "Do it! You're already miserable… It might be terrible advice but I'm not a therapist or a psychiatrist of anything. I just know how it feels on the other side and it's awesome."


In these pre-taped episodes, Christine is just starting to dip her toes back into the dating pond, but in present day she just married David Woolley. 

The couple met in October 2022 and announced their engagement this past April. Their wedding is expected to be featured on the show or even have its own special.  

Sister Wives airs Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.