'Sister Wives' Star Janelle Brown Talks Empowering Workouts After Kody Separation

The 53-year-old TLC star is focusing on her health in 2023.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is focusing on herself and getting stronger in the new year. The 53-year-old TLC star took to Instagram on Thursday to show off part of her impressive workout routine. 

In one clip, the mother of six is seen lifting heavy weights on her back, squatting low to achieve the feat. 

"I had no idea when I first started taking a little time for myself several years ago the EMPOWERMENT that would come from being stronger," Janelle captioned the video on Instagram. "I work out not just to help me change my body but to be strong in mind and spirit as well."

Janelle also talked about the bravery that came with pushing herself in her fitness journey. 

"I have proven to myself over and over again that when you know how much you can push yourself there aren’t a lot of limits," she wrote. "If you are brave enough."

She told one commenter that she's "working towards" bench pressing 205 pounds at the gym.

This isn't the first time Janelle has opened up about her health journey in 2023. Last month she posted, "I'm ready for you 2023! This health journey I've been on has been incredible. The results weren't overnight and I'm OK with that. It's all about slow and steady that wins the race💪🏼. 2023 is my year! If you want to come on this journey WITH me, let's do this!"

The post came shortly after Janelle and her estranged husband, Kody Brown, announced that they are separated after nearly 30 years of marriage

During the TLC show's One-on-One special, Janelle and Kody both seemed to have differing opinions about their future. 

"I think it could be there, but it would require so much change on both our parts so I don't know," Janelle said. "Part of me thinks, 'OK, my religion requires that you continue to make a marriage work.' And I deeply believe in my faith. I have been so much at peace that I don't know how to reconcile that. So that's where my debate with myself is all the time because I know I'm happy. I don't want him to come back, but my faith requires that we are married eternally."

As for Kody, he said he "loves" Janelle and "absolutely" wants to make things work with her. 

"I want to fix it, yes, but that's a whole new negotiation," he said. "We're in a new place."