'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Reacts to Reports She Got Remarried

Meri Brown

Her response includes four laughing emojis.

Meri Brown is clearing up rumors about her love life.

Despite reports that she got remarried, the Sister Wives star said it's fake news. Meri, 53, put the rumors to rest on Wednesday through a lengthy post on Instagram.

"Not only did I launch my Worthy Up biz this week, apparently I also got married! Four times! And I'm sure there's more to come!" she wrote. "🤣🤣 This girl over here is BUSY!"

Meri's post showcased four screenshots of the false reports.

"Listen, don't slow down on your life," she continued. "Keep it full speed ahead. Do something every day that moves you in the direction of your dreams. We only have this one life, and it gets shorter every day. Don't get to the end of it and wonder what could have been. Even if you want to get married four times in a week, do it! 🤣🤣"

But just because marriage isn't in the picture doesn't mean that love is off the table for her. In late April, Meri shared what she's looking for in her next romantic partner.

"Prince Charming has not arrived. I'm not really looking for a prince. No, I'm looking for a king," Meri said. "There's a bit of an energetic difference there. A prince is still a boy. I want a man who knows who he is." 

Meri has been open about her recent dating history. She split from her ex, Kody Brown, in early 2023 and has had one relationship since -- a brief romance with a man named Amos earlier this year. Now, she needs someone who can match her energy.

"I want somebody who knows who he is and is confident in who he is," she continued. "Because I know who I am and I'm confident in who I am and I need somebody who can match my energy. When we cross paths, we'll know it."

Meri has noted that she doesn't regret her marriage or divorce with Kody.

Meri Brown and Kody Brown. - TLC

"I look back and am grateful for the experiences and the lessons," she said in a recent Instagram post acknowledging her former wedding anniversary with Kody. "For a long time, I had the narrative in my head that if I couldn't make my marriage work, then I was a failure. But what if I flipped that narrative? What if, instead, I looked at all the lessons I lived and realized that's what made me who I am today?"