Sofia Vergara Has the Funniest Response After Being Asked About the Body Part She's Most Proud Of

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Sofia Vergara knows how to bring the laughs! The 48-year-old Modern Family star appears on Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she and the host play a funny game of "Burning Questions." 

During the game, she shared that her husband, Joe Manganiello, makes fun of her accent and that she'd never try eating alligator again. But the best moment came when Vergara was asked about what body part she's most proud of. 

"I mean, please, Ellen," Vergara quips to the host, who couldn't stop cracking up. "Do I really have to say it? I've opened doors."

The America's Got Talent judge also opened up about her dog, Bubbles, who has shown no interest in her. 

"I don't have a dog. It's not mine. Joe has a dog," Vergara jokes. "I don't even know why I live with them anymore... She has taken everything that was mine. It's not a laughing thing. It's horrible. She has taken my husband, my bed... they sleep together and I sleep on the other side." 

Despite being ousted by her pet, Vergara doesn't blame her husband. 

"I have to say it's her fault. It's not Joe's fault. She's obsessed with him," she jokes of the dog. 


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