Solange Knowles Reveals She Was 'Fighting' for Her Life While Making Last Album ‘When I Get Home’

The singer revealed that she was battling health issues while making her last album.

Solange Knowles fought for her life to make her latest album.

Knowles took to Instagram Monday to reflect on the two-year anniversary of her album, When I Get Home, calling it "the project that literally changed my life."

"2 year anniversary of the project that literally changed my life 🖤 When I first started creating “When I Get Home” I was quite literally fighting for my and out of hospitals (s/out park plaza on Binz! :) with depleting health and broken spirits asking God to send me a sign I would not only survive, but that if he let me make it out alive, I would step into the light whatever that meant. He begin speaking to me. Half the time I didn’t know where it was coming from."

"I only knew I had to open the door and honor it," she continued. "I didn’t see naann a thing I imagined. I didn’t know who I was speaking to on “I am a witness”. When I listen back, I hear a woman who had only an inkling of what the journey entailed, but didn’t have a clue of why or what the journey would look like," Knowles revealed.

The Cranes in the Sky singer called it an experience she can't go back from. 

"This project has shown me, once you open that door, you can’t go backwards. Believe me I’ve tried saying “nah I’m just playing” so many times, ha. I’m not a big fan of talking about sh*t I don’t know yet. I didn’t do much talking during this time because of that. I’m really down for showing the process, and staying quiet when it hasn’t all yet being revealed. I make work to answer questions within me, for survival. Sometimes I am asking myself that same question many ways. Sometimes it takes me years. I have to honor that time. This Houston ting moves slow y’all," she went on to say in the lengthy post.

Knowles plans to celebrate the album that led her to a life-long healing, all week long.

"One day, I’ll tell y’all about the days I’ve had since I opened this door. The things I’ve uncovered. The life long healing I’ve begin. The great divine joy and love I’ve experienced. The stories of my past I’ve survived that I had stored all up in my body.... till it said.... no more. The re-learning. The reckoning. This album led me to all of it. Life has now become before WIGH and after WIGH. I’m so grateful for you guys allowing me the space and time. So so so grateful. Ima be celebrating all week long the coming of home 🖤."

On Tuesday, The Criterion Channel released an exclusive director's cut of Knowles' performance art film for When I Get Home in honor of the film and album's two-year anniversary. Digital activations will take place on Knowles' Blackplanet page throughout this week. The activations include special screenings of various performances and art installations that have taken place since When I Get Home’s release, including a digital collage designed by the singer that features images and stories submitted by fans about the album's transformative impact on their life.

The Criterion Channel

Watch the video below to see Knowles' niece, Blue Ivy Carter, busts a move in an adorable dance video that grandma, Tina Knowles Lawson, says reminds her of Solange.