Sophia Bush on Feeling ‘Lucky’ About Her Engagement and New Film ‘Hard Luck Love Song’ (Exclusive)

Bush opened up about her recent engagement to Grant Hughes and her new romantic drama, which was inspired by an equally touching song.

Sophia Bush is feeling lucky. The 39-year-old actress opened up to ET's Katie Krause about her engagement to Grant Hughes and her new movie, Hard Luck Love Song. In August, Bush revealed that Grant popped the question during a romantic boat ride on Lake Como in Italy.

"I'm not going to take up the movie's time talking about my personal life. But I will say, I do feel lucky whether it's my life partner or the wonderful group of men in my life, who make up my friends, and allies who make up my support system," Bush shared.

"And I feel really lucky that across the spectrum of the dudes in my life, I have a real group of good ones," she continued.

Bush's upcoming film, which is based on a song by Todd Snider titled, "Just Like Old Times," details a chance encounter between old flames, played by Bush and Michael Dorman. But it's not until Dorman falls hard on his luck, making a series of bad decisions that place the troubadour at an existential crossroads between love and life.

"I think what I appreciated so much about it. It's never what you think it will be," Bush said of Hard Luck Love Song. "What's on the page and then what becomes, are always different. And to be honest, I loved the story because of, as Michael describes Todd, the real honest, fractured beauty of these people who carry shame and fear and self-doubt, and want something they're craving."

But it's that feeling you have with a person you come back to over and over again, like with the characters in the film, that Bush described as "magic."

"Also, the magic of the thing they have when they're together, and you can't escape the way you feel about a person and you come back to each other again and again," she continued.

Not only did the One Tree Hill alum love the idea of the story, but she loved the idea of working with Dorman on it.

"I find a real beauty in that story, and it is a beauty that's born of heartbreak," Bush went on to say of the film. "And for me, I loved the idea of it, and I was truly such a fan of Michael, as a performer, that I said, 'Yeah, I'm going to go do that movie with Michael Dorman.'"

The pair instantly meshed on set, creating a connection that jumped off the page and onto the screen.

"We got to set, and instantly we had one of those moments where it was like, 'Oh, maybe we've done this in a past life, or maybe we were always supposed to do this,'" Bush explained.

"But we became a real team, and coached each other through the things going on in our lives, and really decided to lean into some things on set, and create something extra that feels a bit beautiful and ephemeral," she added of collaborating with Dorman on the project.

Bush went on to tell ET that the "magic" she and Dorman created on Hard Luck Love Song is "what you hope for" when you do a film.

"That's what you hope for when you do a project, and so I think there was a lot of music that we put into this thing together, a lot we had to create for these two people, so that it made sense why they would be these magnets for one another," she shared. "And it's so nice when you have a friend and a partner in a project, that you go, 'I guess we're just going to jump off this thing together and see what happens,' and how nice when it works."

Hard Luck Love Song hits theaters Oct. 15.



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