Sophia Culpo Reveals Her Skincare Tips for Treating Acne Scars, Puffiness and More

Sophia Culpo
Sophia Culpo/Instagram

Sophia Culpo has been into beauty since middle school when her mom gave her her first skincare set.

While the 25-year-old social media star's regimen has changed since then, her passion for maintaining glowy, flawless skin remains the same. 

"I started getting breakouts during that really awkward pre-teen stage. I remember I was so excited to have an actual skincare routine, so I followed it religiously every night because I really wanted to have clear skin," Sophia tells ET. 

"As I’ve gotten older, my skin has changed a lot. I have perioral dermatitis around my nose and mouth, which is extremely frustrating," she shares. "Getting older has even changed the type of acne I get. I swear adult acne is worse and harder to treat." 

To deal with her current skincare concerns, the influencer relies on a balanced diet, effective treatments, and quality products. 

"Food definitely impacts my skin. I suffer from IBS and an overactive immune system, so my diet is always shifting," she explains. "Cutting out dairy has helped a lot." 

"I’ve learned to lean into my cravings and to honor my body, but at the same time be mindful to eat healthy and get in my greens and vitamins. I love to incorporate Vitamin C into my day through food. I swear by it for glowing skin, and also to help build collagen," Sophia adds. 

For additional recommendations, the model goes to her sisters, Olivia and Aurora Culpo, for advice.

"My sisters and I are constantly talking about new products we have discovered, new techniques, different face masks, or even just the old-school tips like putting spoons in the freezer for morning de-puffing," Sophia says. 

Her latest obsession: the Vivace microneedling treatment for preventive skincare measures. 

"Vivace has made such a difference in treating hyperpigmentation from acne scarring and evening out the tone and texture of my skin," she dishes. "I am also seeing smaller pores, and less defined fine lines around my mouth." 

Sophia Culpo
Courtesy of Sophia Culpo

The model also makes sure to incorporate facial massaging into her daily schedule to avoid puffiness and to provide stress relief. 

"I absolutely love a facial massage using a gua sha. I always wake up super puffy in the morning, so I love to use the gua sha to drain all the fluid and define my facial features," she notes. "It also feels amazing and hits important acupressure points to relieve tension and increase blood flow."


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