Gwyneth Paltrow Reveals Her Current Skincare and Wellness Routine -- Shop Her Favorite Products

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Gwyneth Paltrow at the goop lab Special Screening in Los Angeles in january 2020
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If you're looking to freshen up your fall beauty routine, look no further than Goop's latest product addition for the most perfect autumnal lip color.

Gwyneth Paltrow's beauty and wellness brand recently introduced the GOOPGENES Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio -- a 3-piece lip balm set that boasts a translucent shade, a clear shade and a rose shade, all of which aim to nourish the lips via a silky formula that's made with botanical oils -- like coconut, argan and castor seed, among others -- as well as shea butter and pomegranate extract.

Keep your lips hydrated and perfectly pigmented with this new addition to the Goop Beauty family. The GOOPGENES Clean Nourishing Lip Balm Trio aims to nourish lips via a silky texture that's composed of key botanical ingredients and boasts a super subtle scent.


The GP-approved balm is a beauty essential to keep lips hydrated during the cooler months ahead -- though it's only one of many makeup bag must-haves for the Academy Award-winning actress and entrepreneur.

As part of Vogue's Beauty Secrets video series, Gwyneth Paltrow shared her current beauty favorites with viewers -- including makeup staples to create her effortless everyday look, along with all of them items that make up her go-to skincare routine.

She also talked about the beauty lesson she learned in her 40s and how her 16-year-old daughter, Apple, is a makeup connoisseur. 

Paltrow starts off with a product from her own Goop Beauty line. The self-proclaimed "massive exfoliating junkie" says she "can't live without" the GoopGlow Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator for a smooth, radiant base. 

She then applies Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum -- a celebrity favorite; Tia Mowry used it in her routine for ET's Unfiltered -- on the face, neck and décolletage. 

"It's incredible to know that there are clean, non-toxic products that are really efficacious and really work wonders on your skin," Paltrow says. 

A microdermabrasion exfoliator in a jar, this GP favorite is both a physical and chemical exfoliator that helps smooth away the skin's roughness and uneven texture, according Goop.


A celebrity favorite, this Vintner's Daughter product is an oil-serum hybrid that boasts "twenty-two active organic botanicals mixed with powerful essential oils," as stated on the Goop website. 

$185 AT GOOP

Paltrow then uses a pair of products from celebrity makeup artist Jillian Dempsey's brand. She sticks on the Hydrating Eye Mask under the eyes and massages the area with the Gold Sculpting Bar. 

Help hydrate and de-puff eye bags with these patches that have a cooling feel. 


Made with twenty-four-karat gold, this device vibrates to give your face a little massage. 

$195 AT GOOP

"I was not a person who ever had a skincare routine as a teenager -- my daughter does -- but I was very much a tomboy, so this whole skincare thing has come to me later in life," she explains. 

For those looking for a great clean, non-toxic beauty product available at the drugstore, Paltrow recommends Weleda Skin Food that is a "super rich, fantastic moisturizer."

Paltrow layers on another moisturizer for her dry skin. This time, a new upcoming product for Goop Beauty -- the Glow Lotion. 

"I really wanted to start making beauty products because at the time there wasn't really a lot available that was kind of beautiful, high-quality, non-toxic products," the star shares. "There were sort of 'clean' moisturizers that you could find at the health food store, and then there were all of your conventional ones that some of them, even the really expensive ones, had crazy ingredients in them, like anti-freeze, literally. I didn't want that either, so I saw a big white space in the market for clean, luxurious healthcare, so the Goop line was formed from that."

The upcoming product from the Goop Beauty line, this lightweight lotion gives a touch of radiance, according to Goop. 


The entrepreneur talks about the beauty lesson she learned about skincare and aging. 

"One of the things that I really learned as I get well into my 40s is how important it is to take good care of your skin from the inside out. That means hydration, exercise, breathing fresh air, going for a walk, eating foods that are high in nutritional density. I really believe that as women we should feel free to do whatever we want as we age in order to feel our best selves," she describes.

Paltrow then moves on to makeup, which involves one of her daily essentials. 

"This next one is really a secret weapon, so I always have this in my bag at all times," she says of the Olio E Osso tinted balm. "Basically you just put a little on your cheek." 

"It really helps to just give you a nice lift and a healthy glow and really nice on the lips as well," she adds. 

A multitasking tinted balm that can be used on the cheeks and lips. 


The mom of two gives a shout-out to her daughter, Apple, for being amazing at makeup.

"My daughter is very into the beauty world. She knows everything," Paltrow says. "She has these amazing long nails that are painted in such cool ways. She's got her lashes. I mean, she knows how to contour. That girl is just on fire with her routine."

"I don't know where she got it from. She definitely did not get it from me. I can barely put on concealer as you just saw," she jokes. "But she's like actually really good at it. It's amazing. If she comes down to the kitchen all fresh-faced and cute and getting her smoothie or whatever and she goes upstairs and comes back and it's like, wow. It's amazing. It sort of reminds me of the trend now is like the makeup in the '90s, you know, it's like full brows and liquid liner and matte lips and all that stuff, so she's really good at that. I'm not so good at that."

Paltrow concludes her get-ready-with-me routine by swiping on mascara from Kosas and a Goop lip balm. 

"Mascara is the best if you want to fudge that you took a nap, that you're well rested. It takes years off your life. I mean, mascara is really where it's at."

This mascara from Kosas has a glossy finish for feathery, soft lashes. 


"My favorite beauty product ever is lip balm. I love lip balm. I'm a lip balm junkie. My lips are really dry. We tried forever to get it right and then finally we did. It sold out in two seconds, and there's a reason why because it's like this cushiony, fantastic, really hydrating. It doesn't make your lips sticky." 

Made with coconut, argan, castor seed, jojoba and sunflower oil, the Goop lip balm is ultra-moisturizing for chapped, cracked and dry lips, as stated on the Goop website. 



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