Soulja Boy Weighs In on Travis Scott's Super Bowl Halftime Show Backlash (Exclusive)

The rapper reacted to the recent controversy while sitting down with ET Live on Thursday.

Following the news that Travis Scott had signed on to perform with Maroon 5 at the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show, the rapper started getting a lot of heat from his fellow artists and critics. 

Many have been calling for Scott to pull out of the deal, in deference to the NFL's controversial stance on players, such as Colin Kaepernick and several others, taking a knee during the national anthem as a form of peaceful political protest.

However, for rapper Soulja Boy, who sat down with ET Live on Thursday, the Super Bowl shouldn't be about controversy, it should be about having a good time and enjoying the big game.

"I feel like everyone is entitled to their own opinion," the 28-year-old artist shared. "It's a very tricky situation because you are involving politics with sports, which should not be mixed."

Soulja Boy -- who recently released new music and sat down to promote an upcoming documentary about his life and career -- explained, "I feel like the NFL should be on its own and everybody should have fun."

"It should be a positive, fun, happy thing. You know what I'm saying? And everybody enjoying the football game," he added. "It shouldn't be about all of the controversy behind it and the politics."

However, there are many in the industry who feel differently, and have been vocal in their opinions, such as Meek Mill.

The "Dangerous" rapper took to Twitter, where he reposted an article about Scott signing up to perform at the big game, adding, "For what????"

"He don’t need that he on fire already!" Mill added in a following tweet. "Stay strong in this s**t!"

According to multiple reports, JAY-Z has also been actively trying to dissuade Scott from performing. ET has reached out to the 4:44 artist for comment.

For more on Scott's involvement with the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show, check out the video below.



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