'Southern Charm': Ashley Jacobs and Cast Dish on Her Finale Confrontation With Patricia Altschul (Exclusive)

Ashley Jacobs and Patrica Altschul face off on the season finale of 'Southern Charm,' and ET has exclusive details about the encounter.

Get ready for a Southern showdown. Or, for some, a letdown.

On Wednesday night’s Southern Charm season six finale, Ashley Jacobs finally comes face-to-face with her mentor-turned-sworn enemy, Patricia Altschul, at Pat’s lavish cocktail party… to which Ashley wasn’t invited.

"She made no bones about it, she was coming for me," Patricia teases. "In fact, I think the word was 'gunning' -- she was gunning for me."

"What’s crazy to me is she just keeps showing up to places uninvited," Cameran Eubanks observes. "Like, maybe that’s a Southern thing. You don’t show up to a party if you have not received an invitation. She needs to read Emily Post’s Guide to Etiquette, I think."

"I thought, 'What do I have to lose?'" Ashley confesses to ET, explaining her decision to crash the event. "At this point, I'm gonna let them remember me. If I'm gonna go down, I might as well just have some fun with this. This is what I was thinking."

"I was so mad when she crashed Patricia’s party," season six newcomer Eliza Limehouse laments. "She asked me about it and I said, ‘No, you’re going to make me look like an idiot for welcoming you back into this group. You didn’t apologize, and then you’re crashing a party I’m going to? That just makes me look worse, because I’m the one that has vouched for you.'”

"I think we were all just shocked," Chelsea Meissner offers. "Any time there’s ever a [moment] with Ashley, I think that’s pretty much what goes through everyone’s mind, is just, like, what else is this girl gonna do? We’re always was shocked at how far she’ll go."

ET spoke with the cast of Southern Charm on location in Charleston, South Carolina, in April, just before the season premiered, while Ashley dropped by ET’s studio in July for an exclusive sit-down interview to share her side of things. Chelsea also hopped on the phone just ahead of Wednesday’s finale.

Brianna Stello / Bravo

"I went into [the party] thinking that maybe there's a chance," Ashley goes on to share, backtracking on her earlier statement that she wanted to put on a show. "Patricia and I, we had a good relationship."

Patricia took Ashley under her wing during season five of the Bravo series, when Ashley was dating then-cast member Thomas Ravenel. But as that relationship unraveled and various allegations of misconduct against Thomas surfaced, all of which he’s denied, Patricia distanced herself from both Thomas and Ashley.

In that process, she connected with Thomas’ ex, Kathryn Dennis, of whom, Patricia admits, she didn’t previously have the highest opinion. That all changed the more she got to know Kathryn. Patricia claims her previous feelings toward the 28-year-old were heavily influenced by information Thomas had given her, which Patricia now believes to be untrue.

"Only a few days before she went on Kathryn’s side, we talked a few hours on the phone," Ashley recalls. "We chatted. She said some things that just weren't kind about Kathryn, and she was trying to get me to troll Kathryn and do some things… do her dirty work!"

Ashley claims she decided not to troll Kathryn on social media, even though she had her own volatile history with her. Ashley says she told Patricia she wouldn’t go through with the alleged plan, which she says left her completely cut out of Patricia’s life. For what it’s worth, Pat has denied this interaction took place and labeled Ashley a conspiracy theorist.

"She thought I was ridiculous for saying it, and some other things transpired, and I didn't do it the right way, but I went to the press," Ashley confesses. "And she felt so attacked by that. And from that point on, she made my life a living hell. She made my life a living hell. And all of a sudden, Kathryn was her best friend. Go figure."

"'The enemy of my enemy is my friend,'" she adds. "She made a good point of that."

Ashley doesn’t offer specifics when it comes to how Pat made her life "a living hell," save for some social media comments Patricia has made over the course of the last year and a half, calling Ashley a "gold digger" and saying no one on the cast of Southern Charm wants anything to do with her.

"I saw some hate on Patricia's social media directed toward me, and all these people are her friends, so I felt like, she's attacking me, that they’re sort of, by default, attacking me, as well," Ashley says of the cast. "And when Patricia’s saying, 'Oh, who'd wanna talk to her? No one wants to invite her to any events…' I just thought, screw you!"

Before the party crashing moment, Ashley met up with Eliza, her one lifeline in the group, to discuss her plan at a hair salon. Watch the scene here:

"We’re sitting in the hair salon, and I didn’t know her and Ms. Patricia also had a problem," Eliza admits. "And I, like, adore Ms. Patricia, and I think she’s the greatest. And she goes off on me on Ms. Patricia. I’m never speechless. I’m never at a loss for words. I was holding a towel above my face, I didn’t know what to say back."

In the scene, Ashley calls Patricia a "piece of s**t," says she "hates that b***h" and warns about karma coming around to Pat.

"I still think everybody’s got a heart underneath, and I think she is a nice person at heart, but I think she hasn’t forgiven herself [for everything that happened with Kathryn]," Eliza says of Ashley. "I think she really needs to figure out what she wants out of all this, if anything. And she’s gone back to California, so … I’m gonna let that simmer. I saw all that and just I tried. That’s all I can say."

Of course, before Ashley returned home to California, she crashed that party and got her much-wanted face time with Patricia after the rest of the Charmers had made it clear to her that they wanted nothing to do with Ashley. She had previously popped up at two group events at Eliza’s house to seemingly make amends, getting a pretty cold reception from the cast.

"You have to understand what it’s like to have the courage to walk into a party knowing no one likes you," Ashley says. "Now we're talking four times the amount of people from Eliza’s [previous] party, OK?"

Ashley admits she had second thoughts as she approached the doors to the event, but ultimately stepped inside because she’s "just a glutton for punishment."

"I thought maybe she's -- she wrote a book on class, manners -- I thought, maybe she's going to be the epitome of all that," Ashley says of approaching Pat. "Maybe I'm gonna walk in that room and she'll pull me aside like a Southern lady does. Say, 'Let's talk.' You know, 'There's some feelings…' or 'How are you?'"

Ashley says she began crafting a bit of a fantasy in her head of what her meeting with Patricia would look like, imagining Patricia welcoming her back into the fold with open arms and a warm conversation. She got the complete opposite.

"She got kicked out," Cameran notes. "I was just trying to enjoy the show, the show she was putting on, because I knew it was going to be very entertaining."

"As we know, I don't put up with any drama or misbehavior if I can help it," Patricia quips.

Before she got carted out, Ashley ominously shouted, "Patricia, I know what you did and the truth will come out!"

"We knew that if she did show up, that Ms. Patricia was fully prepared, obviously having hired a security guard," Chelsea admits. "Honestly, I didn’t think that she would show up. But, stupid of me to ever doubt her."

In the teasers for the episode, that security guard is seen quickly carrying Ashley away from Patricia just as quickly as she appeared before her. The cast then gathers on a balcony to watch the drama unfold as Ashley threatens to call the police.

"I actually didn’t see her come in; I saw her exit," Chelsea shares. "It didn’t take long before [the news of Ashley getting kicked out] got upstairs, and we ran out on the balcony and we saw her outside on the phone, crying to Thomas. So, that’s the part I got to see."

"I had no one on my side," Ashley says. "They wanted their chance to go after me and make themselves relevant. I get it. I get it. They're just -- I'm the one everyone's talking about."

"It was just a blur," she adds. "I saw her and beelined it toward her and for a second she gave me a look, 'cause I said, 'Patricia, can I talk to you?' And she gave me a look. She turned around and I thought she was gonna tell her guests, 'Excuse me.' Oh no! I'll just leave it at that, yeah! Oh, no."

"Let’s just say, I am happy with the end result of Ashley Jacobs," Patricia remarks. "I think people that have problems with her, it’s going to be cathartic. The show is going to be cathartic, they’re going to like it. Some people on Instagram are like, 'Well, I am not going to watch the show if she’s on there.' But it’s a mistake, because you will love the result. That’s all I’ll say."

"It gave me some closure," Ashley says of her seemingly brief encounter with Patricia. "I tried to find peace in that. I did the best that I could do."

"I'm glad I did it, 'cause I can look back and say I tried," she continues. "I wish it would've gone differently, but I really think that I didn't have a chance. And I think that’s the best way to put it."

"I think it was a good way to end the season, with her finally leaving and moving back to California, where she should be," Chelsea says. "Hopefully we won’t have to deal with her anymore … but we’ve thought that several times in the past, and she always seems to pop up out of nowhere, so never say never, but that’s our hope."

"I think that nature takes its course with... humans like her," Kathryn offers, with Patricia quick to question her use of the word "human."

"That’s what I reference her as," Kathryn responds. "[Though], I don’t think she’s a real person in ways. She self-destructs, and that’s what nature does. It’s hard to come up with words to talk about her because she doesn’t make sense herself."

Watch the whole thing unfold on Southern Charm’s season six finale, airing Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.