‘Southern Charm’ First Look: Naomie Olindo Unleashes on Ex-Boyfriend Craig Conover (Exclusive)

Naomie Olindo is not pleased with ex-boyfriend Craig Conover on 'Southern Charm.'

The former couple goes at it in ET’s exclusive first look, with Naomie telling Craig that he needs to get his life together.

All is fair in love and war… and baby showers?

It’s Cameran Eubanks’ retro-themed party, and Naomie Olindo will cry, well, shout if she wants to! In ET’s exclusive sneak peek at this week’s Southern Charm, Naomie confronts ex-boyfriend Craig Conover about their breakup… in the middle of the festivities, while dressed in costume. The pair peel off from the rest of the group to another room of Patricia Altschul’s mansion to oddly hash things out.

“This is who I turn into around you,” Naomie tells Craig. “It’s so weird, because I’m not this s****y, mean person. I trusted you and you let me down over and over and over.”

She then starts to rattle off a list of issues that she has with how Craig lives his life, saying he doesn’t get out of bed, misses meetings and lies around “hungover every day.”

“You need to wake up and do s**t!” Naomie tells Craig. “You could be doing so much more than you’re already doing.”

“I can do whatever I want,” he fires back. “I’m an adult.”

That’s when Naomie hits a real hot button with Craig: she says all he does it sit around and sew and “pretend to do things.” His response: “What’s wrong with my sewing?”

Check out the fight here:

After Naomie comes for Craig’s sewing, he starts speaking up, noting he owns two homes at the age of 29, which, to him, equals success. He then claims that he’s not the one who changed in their relationship, she did -- and that Naomie is no longer a “blast.”

“Then we think differently,” she tells him. “I actually got my s**t together, unlike you.”

You’ll have to tune into Southern Charm on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo to see what happens next. Craig and Naomie’s co-star, Kathryn Dennis, previously told ET that she was very interested to see how the former couple’s dynamic played out onscreen this season.

“I’m just excited honestly to see how all these breakups turn out, because I wasn’t there for all these fights and stuff I’ve been hearing about,” she said. “I’m excited to watch it. Finally it’s not me. You know, for once!”

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