Spice Girls Celebrate 'Wannabe's 25th Anniversary With Legendary Throwback Pics

'Wannabe' is 25!

"Wannabe" is 25! The Spice Girls' iconic hit song turned 25 on Thursday, and the group couldn't help but celebrate on social media. 

Ginger, Posh, Scary, Baby and Sporty Spice all posted about "Wannabe," which was written and composed by the group in collaboration with Matt Rowe and Richard "Biff" Stannard during their first professional songwriting session. 

"Wannabe" was released as the Spice Girls' debut single in the U.K. in July 1996, ahead of the planned release date of the Spice album. The song topped the U.K. Singles Chart for seven weeks, and upon its release in the United States in January 1997, topped the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks.

Geri Halliwell took to Instagram to mark the occasion with a series of special photos. 

"25 years of ‘Wannabe’. Wow. The song that changed the lives of five girls from Britain," she wrote. "The first picture was taken in my back garden on a Sunday - we were all listening to the radio together that day we went to number 3 in the charts!!" 

"The black and white picture was from our first ever photoshoot!" she shared. "And the famous ring... I bought a gold ring for each of the girls when we first got together, as a symbol of our friendship. It’s a special bond that continues to stand the test of time. I’m so proud of everything we have achieved together, girls. BIG thank you to our amazing fans from all over the world for your support and loyalty. Love, Ginger. 💓 @emmaleebunton, @melaniecmusic, @officialmelb, @victoriabeckham #wannabe25." 

Victoria Beckham shared a post on her Instagram Story, writing, "I can't believe it's been 25 years since Wannabe was released!! The song that changed everything..." 

"Kisses @emmaleebunton @melaniecmusic @offiicalmelb @therealgerihalliwell," she added. 


"Ahhh finally peeps!!!! It’s been a very VERY emotional day, but we WILL be back and that’s my ”scary” promise to you all #spice #girls #forever #25 #years #watchthisspace #loyalty #trust #thankful," Mel B wrote. 

Emma Bunton kicked her post off with a "Zigazigahhhhhh!!! 🎉🎉." 

"Feeling very emotional, what an amazing 25 years it has been," she continued. "Thanks to our wonderful fans for making 5 girls dreams come true, loving the songs that we wrote, copying our dance routines and embracing our individuality! My beautiful girls @melaniecmusic, @officialmelb, @therealgerihalliwell, @victoriabeckham - the best girl squad ever!!! ✌️ 💗 25 years of Wannabe 💗 25 years of amazing memories 💗 25 years of zig a zig ah 💗 25 years of incredible fans! #wannabe25 #IAmASpiceGirl." 

In another post, Emma added, "I remember seeing this picture on a poster for the first time in Finchley next to my favourite chicken shop and I knew this was gonna be something very special! 💗 #wannabe25." 

"25 years! Can you believe it?!" Melanie C began. "With the help of our amazing fans this song catapulted us on our incredible journey, so much love and thanks to you guys today, the wonderful Matt and Biff, and my darling Spice Girls ❤️." 

"So many memories! The Strongroom, St Pancras, those stairs! And backflipping all over the World! Happy Birthday Wannabe!" she continued. "Can't wait until we Zig a zig ahh again!!! 🇬🇧✌🏼#Wannabe25 #iamaspicegirl." 

In an interview with ET last summer, Melanic C reflected on the group's iconic catalog and whether new music is in their future. 

"I mean, there's always ongoing conversations with us girls," she shared. "We're so proud of the legacy that we have."

"There's an incredible generation of young women and young guys that have grown up loving the Spice Girls and being very inspired by them. So we just want to continue that, and we want to inspire future generations," she continues. "There's been talks about animation, there's been other little things along the way.  But in all honesty, what I want to do is the shows! That's the big one for me."

See more in the video below. 


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