'Splitting Up Together' Finale: First Look at Ron Perlman's Debut as Martin's Father (Exclusive)

Splitting Up Together

ET exclusively debuts a sneak peek at next week's sophomore finale.

It's time to meet Martin's dad on Splitting Up Together!

On the sophomore finale of ABC's family comedy, titled "Welcome Home," Sons of Anarchy and StartUp star Ron Perlman makes his debut as Martin's long-estranged father, Brock, and ET has the exclusive first look at his introduction.

In the episode, Lena (Jenna Fischer) and the kids urge Martin (Oliver Hudson) to reconnect with his dad in an effort to rebuild their relationship.

In ET's exclusive first photos, Perlman's unexpected arrival comes at a surprise for the family, which will surely make for interesting conversation at the dinner table.


Last April, ET spoke with Hudson about why he jumped on board for Splitting Up Together, which is executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres. The half-hour comedy series follows a divorced couple living under the same roof with their teenage kids.

"I circled two [scripts during pilot season] that I really liked and this was one of them -- and it was because I connected on such a level to this," Hudson told ET's Keltie Knight at the time. "I have three kids of my own. I go through this every day. I'm not divorced but you don't have to be divorced because it's about co-parenting and co-existing. We all have our ideas of what it's like to be a great parent and we've all been parented differently ourselves so we take from our parents. It's all about finding a balance and I like that."

Hudson and Fischer's chemistry has been a standout on the show. Hudson shared that the spark with his co-star was "instant," something he's "never experienced before" in his career.

"It's really intangible," Hudson recalled. "[Jenna] already had the show and I had to go read with her. Before we even read, it was just instantaneous... I don't know what happened or why, 'cause we are very different people, but she is like my wife [Erinn Bartlett] a little bit in her personality, or in the way she goes about things. Apparently, I'm like Lee [Kirk], her husband."

Splitting Up Together airs its season two finale Tuesday, April 9 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.