Stan Lee's Ex-Business Manager Charged With Elder Abuse

Stan Lee

The Marvel legend died last year.

Stan Lee's former manager has been accused of allegedly abusing the Marvel legend. Lee died last November. He was 95. 

Keya Morgan was charged with five counts of elder abuse, including false imprisonment, forgery and fraud, ET confirms. An arrest warrant has been issued for Morgan at $300,000.

"My client stands firmly on his presumption of innocence," Morgan's attorney, Alex Kessell, tells ET. "I expect he will be exonerated of all charges. Mr Morgan has never abused Mr Stan Lee in anyway. Please note our unequivocal position."

Morgan was arrested in June 2018 on suspicion of filing a false police report, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, was linked to a story that Lee was confronted by two gunmen during an attempted robbery at his home. Morgan pleaded no contest to the false report of an emergency and was placed in a diversion program for 12 months. Just two days before Morgan's arrest, Lee spoke about Morgan positively in a Twitter video, and identified him as his "partner and business manager." Two days after Morgan's arrest, a restraining order was issued on behalf of the 95-year-old Lee against Morgan.

A month before his death, Lee addressed reports that claimed he was being abused by his daughter, J.C. They spoke out against the rumors -- which J.C. said came from Morgan -- in a joint interview with The Daily Beast in October. 

"There really isn't that much drama. As far as I'm concerned, we have a wonderful life," Lee said. "I’m pretty damn lucky. I love my daughter, I’m hoping that she loves me, and I couldn’t ask for a better life. If only my wife was still with us. I don’t know what this is all about… We have occasional spats. But I have occasional spats with everyone.”

J.C. added: "As long as I've lived, I have never touched my mother, my father or a dog. Never." 

Reporting by Kelly Agnes and Joseph Corral.