Stanley Tucci Tries to Avoid a Murder Attempt While Delivering Bad News in 'Submission' Clip (Exclusive)

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"In my dread and confusion, I reverted to the conventional wisdom that if you're going to deliver shattering information to a loved one, it's best to do it in a crowded place that will preempt tears, recriminations, murder attempts and so forth," Stanley Tucci's character studiously narrates in this exclusive clip from Submission.

Based on Francine Prose's novel, Blue Angel, and particularly timely amid the culture of #MeToo, the drama centers on a college professor who is accused by one of his female students of being a sexual predator. That's the shattering news he must deliver to his wife (played by Kyra Sedgwick) in the clip, though where he chooses to deliver it ends up being a not-so-crowded restaurant on a weekday evening, making for an exceptionally awkward dinner. "If I tell you something," he asks her, "will you promise not to be mad at me no matter what?"

Submission Poster

Watch the full trailer for Submission:

Here is the movie's official synopsis:

"Ted Swenson (Tucci) is a once-acclaimed author who teaches writing at a small liberal arts college. Though his marriage to Sherrie (Sedgwick) is comfortable, he finds himself drowning in discontent -- stuffy departmental dinners at which he drinks too much, smug colleagues whom he dislikes yet fears he resembles, and an endless stream of students who are as untalented as they are unteachable. But when a new pupil, Angela Argo (Addison Timlin), shows promise, Ted focuses on nurturing her career, and she appears more than willing to devote the one-on-one time required. Basking in Angela’s youth, talent, and admiration, just as she benefits from Ted’s wisdom, experience, and professional connections, it's only a matter of time before lines are crossed and it becomes unclear whether Ted is predator or prey and Angela is victim or victimizer. SUBMISSION is a biting morality play about lust, ambition, power, and living in a world where scandal is as likely to make a reputation as destroy it.'

Submission opens in New York on March 2 and wide on March 9.


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