Sterling K. Brown Opens Up About Sweet College Moment He Had With Ryan Michelle Bathe (Exclusive)

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Sterling K. Brown remembers the moment his then-friend, Ryan Michelle Bathe, made her move: she hugged him and just wouldn't let go.

Sterling tells the charming story in the upcoming second season of Black Love, on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Black Love is a documentary series exploring relationships of black couples, how they began, how they maintain and their successes and challenges.

The couple's love story has already been an amazing journey, from being born in the same hospital, to having social security numbers only three digits apart, to finally meeting and falling in love while attending Stanford together (where they happened to be placed in the same dorm, of course) and finally marrying in 2007, the duo continues to embody relationship goals.

In the upcoming Black Love segment, Sterling talks about his time at Stanford as he and Bathe looked toward their lives post-college.

"We wound up going to the quad, like the main quad of the campus and we talked for hours. And she said this whole thing about, when we leave this place there are going to be people that you keep in contact with and there are going to be some people that you just fall out, and you don't see them ever again, and the idea of being one of those people breaks my heart and I really don't want that to be the case," Brown recalls.

Then she embraced him.

"When she hugged me, I was like, 'All right man, we'll be friends,'" he says, grinning. "She hugged me and she would not let go."

Smart move.

But is that really what happened?

Bathe weighs in with a good-humored eye roll.

"Mostly," she says, prompting Brown to crack up. "Yeah, that was right. I had to beg for my life, basically."

For more on Brown and Bathe's amazing chemistry, watch the video below.


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