Sterling K. Brown Brings the Tears in Epic 'This Is Us' Parody on 'Saturday Night Live'

Sterling K. Brown as Ben Carson on 'Saturday Night Live'

The first-time 'SNL' host played Ben Carson in the fake trailer for 'This Is U.S.'

Saturday Night Live gave fans a glimpse at what This Is Us would look like, if it took place entirely within the White House with a brilliant fake commercial for This is U.S.

Sterling K. Brown made his SNL hosting debut over the weekend, and brought his Emmy-winning gravitas to one of the show's best sketches playing Secretary of Urban Housing and Development Ben Carson.

Perfectly mimicking the NBC drama's look and feel, This Is U.S. features Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), a drunk and shirtless Jared Kushner (Pete Davidson) and a cold-hearted Kellyanne Conway (Kate McKinnon) all struggling with the day-to-day problems of working in the Trump White House.

"It's the shows critics are calling, 'Like This is Us, but without the parts that feel good,'" the deep-voiced narrator intones, before sharing another review. "'You'll be laughing through tears. Except without the laughing. So I guess just regular crying.'"

The commercial also promised "hella crying" over a montage of Carson, Sanders, Kusher and Vice President Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) openly sobbing. The only person not overcome with emotion is Conway, who tried to get out a tear before giving up and laughing.

"No, I can't cry," the Counselor to the President explained. "I have nothing in me."

Brown shined from the moment he took the stage, where he jokingly struggled to fight back tears during his hilarious monologue.

"I actually have a reputation for being pretty sensitive," Brown explained. "But what can I say? I'm an actor, and I wear my emotions on my sleeve."

He only made it a few moments in before the feelings began to well up inside him about getting to host the show for the first time, and he had to psych himself up yelling, "Wooo! Get it together, Sterling Kathleen, it's all good."

Brown recently spoke with ET about his debut hosting gig, and said he's not really that nervous about stepping onto the iconic stage in Studio 8H.

"The thing that I'm most nervous about is I'm delivering the commencement address at Stanford University. That's what I'm nervous about," Brown shared. "When I go to SNL, they have really talented writers who are pretty good at what they do, who are not going to let a brother fall flat on his face. So I have a support network there to keep me buoyed about."

Check out the video below for a look at Brown's epic SNL promo, in which he showed off his amazing announcer voice while recreating the show's iconic opening credits with cardboard buildings and children's toys standing in for the cast.