Steve Aoki and Monsta X Announce Epic Collaboration

Steve Aoki, Monsta X
Brian Ziff/Starship Entertainment

Here's all the details on this forthcoming new track!

Listen up, K-Pop fans!

On Wednesday, Monsta X revealed exclusively to ET Live that they are teaming up with legendary DJ and producer Steve Aoki on a new single! Their collaboration will be dropping on Feb. 18, along with the rest of the group’s new album, Take.2 We Are Here.

The new track is titled “Play It Cool (Korean Version)” and it’s a safe bet it will include the sleek production and infectious hooks that the South Korean pop group are both known for, not to mention Aoki’s dancefloor-ready beats.

“It was such an honor and pleasure to work with Steve Aoki on our collaboration for the track 'Play It Cool (Korean Version).' We are huge fans of his work, and we were so excited to find out that he is a fan of Monsta X as well," the group told ET in a statement. "Steve is such a great guy, and he’s been like a brother to us. We had so much fun working together and are so excited to share the track with everyone on February 18th, when our album Take.2 We Are Here releases worldwide. More to come....special thank you to MONBEBE, our fans, without you none of this would be possible. We love you!!”

Over the years, the world-famous DJ has worked with everyone from BTS, to Gucci Man, to Linkin Park, to Rivers Cuomo — always managing to find ways to highlight the talent he’s partnering with, regardless of the genre. So, crafting a new pop gem for the 7-member group should be something special.

On top of this new track dropping, Aoki is about to hit the road on his next tour, which weaves through the U.K. before hitting numerous festivals worldwide and ending in Las Vegas in September, where he has a residency at Hakkasan nightclub.

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