Steve Martin Makes Surprise 'Saturday Night Live' Appearance as Roger Stone

Steve Martin as Roger Stone on 'Saturday Night Live'
Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photobank

The frequent 'SNL' host dropped in for this week's politically charged 'cold open.'

Saturday Night Live has been getting a lot of help from Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump over the last few seasons, but this weekend they turned to another frequent guest host, Steve Martin, to bring the laughs in the Cold Open.

The sketch, presented as an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight (with Alex Moffat playing the controversial host), featured Martin playing recently indicted political consultant Roger Stone, complete with a pinstripe suit and comically stupid black round glasses.

Introduced by Carlson as the victim of an over-zealous witch hunt lead by Robert Mueller, Martin's Stone came out strong and loud before being reminded by Carlson that he's supposed to be playing the sympathy card.

"Right, right, the pity thing I wanna go for," Stone said, shrugging. "I'm a poor, helpless old man! I'm 66, almost as old as Sting."

The embattled Republican strategist continued his attempts to come off looking like the victim by explaining how the charges against him are bleeding him dry, financially.

"I'm broke from my legal battles," Stone said, holding the lapels of his fancy suit. "I set up a donation page at a thing everyone's been screaming at me: 'Hey Roger, go fund yourself."

Wrapping up, Martin's Stone made a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of his beloved SNL characters.

"I'm just a normal and straight-forward guy," Martin's Stone said, making the hand gestures of his famed Wild and Crazy Guy, George Festrunk.

For more on Saturday Night Live's recent success with hard-hitting political comedy, check out the video below.

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