'Summer House' Cast Activates Lindsay Hubbard While Grilling for a Relationship Update -- Watch! (Exclusive)

Lindsay Hubbard gets testy on the Summer House season 6 premiere

In ET's 'Summer House' sneak peek, Lindsay Hubbard gets 'activated' when the crew starts digging for an update on her love life.

Lindsay Hubbard has been activated -- and it all goes down in ET's exclusive first look at the Summer House season 6 premiere! The housemates sit down for their first family meal of the summer and conversation quickly moves to who is and isn't taken. When it comes Lindsay's turn to share her love life update, Amanda Batula asks where things stand with Lindsay's Winter House fling, Jason Cameron (who is not part of the Summer House cast, despite ending the group's trip to Vermont a few months earlier seemingly in a relationship with the PR professional). 

"So, it's called dating," Lindsay curtly replies to the inquiry. "I'm dating. I'm seeing somebody."

"Lindsay, come on," Carl Radke pleads, seemingly digging for more. While the two are, in present day, a couple, they were still just friends at this point.

"Why am I on, like, the hot seat?" Lindsay asks, her tense energy reverberating from seat to seat. Ciara Miller chimes in to say "maybe we should just skip her," but Carl isn't letting Lindsay get off like that.

"So ridiculous!" he says. "It sounds like Lindsay wants to be single this summer and meet someone new and I'm excited for her."

"Thank you! Thank you for supporting me," she sarcastically responds. "F**k you!"

"F**k me?" he asks back. "Lindsay, settle down. Seriously."

"What the f**k, Carl?" Lindsay fires back. "Why are you f**king coming after me right now?"

The table then erupts into a series of reactions, with Ciara exclaiming, "Holy f**king s**t," and Kyle Cooke letting out a grunt before declaring, "Forget it! She's off limits!"

Watch it all play out here:

Viewers will soon learn why Lindsay was on edge at that dinner, as she makes an unexpected confession about her personal life to now-boyfriend Carl the next day. 

"It is an intense moment," Carl teases to ET. "I care about her deeply and I really wanted to find the right words to say in that moment, but also trying to process it at the same time and it was a lot to hear."

"All I can think about in that moment was, holy s**t," he adds. "Thank you for sharing that with me. I give you so much credit for opening up, but also trying to find the right words to say and just be supportive. So it was a unique position for me to be in. ... [And] I give her a lot of credit for opening up to that because, not unlike my sobriety, my brother's passing, I think some of our stories that we're vulnerable and authentic about ultimately can really help people, and I hope it can help Lindsay grow from it. I think it's given her a new perspective [on] what she wants, and I hope people that watch it can hopefully help her heal some wounds or help conversations happen."

Of course, Lindsay's dating life is all about Carl now. The pair confirmed they are an item earlier this week. Check out the video below for more on their love story, and be sure to tune into the season 6 premiere of Summer House, Monday, Jan. 17, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.