'Superstore': Ben Feldman Teases 'Wild and Unexpected' Amy & Jonah Finale Moment (Exclusive)


What's the deal with Amy & Jonah? The star of NBC's hit comedy talks to ET about the final three episodes of the season.

Will Amy and Jonah ever take it to the next level?

Superstore has never been a show entirely focused on the romantic entanglements of its characters, but as of late, the will they-won't they involving the two main characters on NBC's workplace comedy has become a shipper's dream. There was the OMG development in the sophomore finale, when Amy and Jonah shared an intense kiss during a particularly fraught moment amid the terrifying twister. And then there was the aftermath of the kiss in a recent season three episode, which saw the friendly co-workers unexpectedly re-enacting the moment in front of their colleagues, including Jonah's current flame, Kelly.

"It does feel like it's being ramped up, doesn't it?" Superstore star Ben Feldman told ET with a chuckle.

Last week's episode, directed by Feldman, featured another big step forward for Amy and Jonah's relationship (or whatever it is they're doing). After Amy's failed attempt at asking the new Cloud 9 district manager for a raise, Jonah and Amy shared a sweet, romantic moment on the golf course with an impromptu golf lesson underneath the night sky. 

"I came from this high-stress world of never giving anything away and when I [came] on Superstore, everyone's been so cool about it, I can just talk about it and never get into any trouble," the 37-year-old actor said with a laugh, referencing his days on the uber-secretive Mad Men. "Now, here we are at the end of the season and it's almost like it's back to Mad Men. What you're asking me right now, I don't think it's something I can talk about."

"All I can say is: something really big and wild and unexpected happens with that combination of people," Feldman said of Amy and Jonah's status come the season three finale. "It's so cryptic and so boring and so annoying, I know, but it's the most I can say without fearing I'm going to piss someone off."


As Feldman tells it, it's been surprising seeing how organically Superstore fans have taken to the pairing, three seasons into the show.

"It's definitely moving [forward]," he said. "People have really fallen for Amy and Jonah, to the point where when Kelly was introduced this season, America [Ferrera] and I kept telling Kelly [Stables], when we were shooting those early scenes of her and my relationship: 'We just have to warn you, people are going to be mean to you on Twitter. They don't mean it. You've gotta just have thick skin.' And we were right. People were like, 'Who is this Kelly girl? Get her out of here!' And Kelly was a really a good sport about it. Eventually, people came around to her and they get her and they like her. She's not just a device. She's not just an obstacle."

But with only three episodes left this season, count on something major happening between Amy and Jonah. Could it be on the same level as the tornado-fueled kiss in last season's finale?

"I frankly think it'll be more shocking than the tornado," Feldman teased. "If it all ends up the way we shot it and the way it was intended to be -- and if what you're looking for is a 'WTF' moment -- you're getting that in the finale."

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.