'Survivor: Winners at War': The Old School Alliance Crumbles as Another Player Is Eliminated


It's not called Winner at War for no reason! 

Survivor's landmark 40th season kicked off last week with a bang, as Natalie and Amber -- one of the biggest targets in the game -- were voted out and sent to the Edge of Extinction. While Amber's departure is a win for the Dakal tribe, her absence didn't make her husband, Boston Rob, very happy. 

The Survivor legend was seemingly out for blood in Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality competition, questioning whether Sandra was responsible for his wife's elimination. Rob told ET that he decided pretty quickly that he and Sandra weren't going to jibe on the beach, despite their time together on Island of the Idols. 

"Sandra, as great as she is at the game of Survivor, I find her very easy to read, and I got the feeling that ultimately she would not want to work with me or my wife," he shared.

Sandra, meanwhile, said she could immediately feel Amber's reluctance to work with her, attributing it to what Rob must have told her. "I'm at a loss for words because it just would have been nice if he just would have trusted me, just a little bit," she told ET. 

Wednesday night's big drama wasn't between Rob and Sandra, however. After Rob's strategy lost Sele the challenge, the tribe turned on each other, with Danni feeling left out. She exposed the "old school" alliance to Ben, and it ended up costing her the game... after Rob's insane power move during tribal. 

Next week, Adam's out for the "big dogs." Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates of how he got there. 

Big Dogs

5:59 PM:

Next time, Adam prepares to target the "big dogs" in the game, Sandra warns about coming after her, and Tyson catches a fish. 

But back to tonight's elimination -- Danni hits the Edge of Extinction, and tells Natalie and Amber there's lots to talk about. "I still have life in this game, and I'm holding onto that," she says. 

A Gift for Denise

5:56 PM:

Danni heads off, giving her fire token to Denise. 

Silence and Laughs

5:55 PM:

Votes are in -- and Jeff asks if anyone has an idol they'd like to play. Silence and laughs. Then the votes are read. 

The votes are: Parvati, Danni, Danni, Danni, Danni and Danni. 

Danni is the third person voted out. 

Idol Moves

5:54 PM:

Everyone is showing Rob they don't have the idol, and how does he get away with this? 

Adam is defensive, but Rob says he's just on a quest for the truth. "Ultimately, it comes down to, where are the votes going to go?" says Adam -- WHO HAS AN IDOL. 

Parvati says tonight's vote is all about relationships. So, let's get to it!


5:53 PM:

Ben keeps talking, and Rob, Parvati and Ethan aren't having it. 

Then the whispering starts. "This whole thing with the idol..." Ben continues. 

"Who has the idol?" Rob straight-out asks. "I think we should find out who has the idol." 

Rob asks everyone to open their bags, and WHY IS EVERYONE LISTENING TO HIM?


5:50 PM:

Danni opening her mouth seems to trigger Parvati, who summarizes Danni's gameplay. 

Ben jumps in, describing how Danni slipped up. "It's creating a huge paranoia," he says. 

"Wait a minute, Ben!" Parvati says. 

Uh, What?

5:49 PM:

Rob opens up about how Amber's departure signifies the importance of relationships in the game. 

"Honestly, old school, new school, that's out the window," Michele says -- but we think she's not in the loop. DID SHE MISS THE ENTIRE CONVO BETWEEN HER TRIBE? 

Parvati notes that people who haven't played in a long time have no experience with the new twists, and it's hard. 

"Does that make you feel old?" Jeff brutally asks Danni. 

Day 6, Tribal Council

5:47 PM:

It's Tribal Council time. The Sele tribe carries their torches in, and Adam has so much trouble putting his torch in that Ben has to help. 

"It looked like a hole!" Adam explains. 

It Could Backfire

5:43 PM:

Rob is controlling the tribe, and while Jeremy is happy it's Danni's name being put up for elimination, he wants to be in control. 

Adam's wheels are turning. "We can just vote her out of the game," he says of Parvati. "But it's all about choosing when to take these risks, because it could backfire." 

"But I know I will never win this game if I don't take those risks," Adam admits. 

Oh No

5:41 PM:

Danni tells Rob she feels like she's out -- but Rob tells her he doesn't feel that way. Danni wants to vote out Parvati, and we don't know WHAT she's thinking. 

Rob tells the camera he was willing to work with Danni in the beginning, but now that he's suggested Parvati, his "No. 1," should leave, Danni has to go. 

Adam is THRILLED by this turn of events, as the old school players start to turn on each other. 


5:39 PM:

Rob starts strategizing with Parvati and Ethan, suggesting it's between Ben and Jeremy tonight. 

Danni's old school, but feeling left out. She approaches Ethan with her concerns, telling Ben and Ethan that Rob said it was "old school strong." But as Ethan notes, Ben isn't "old school." AWK. 

"She's telling Ben all of our secrets," Ethan confesses to the camera. 

"There is an old school, new school thing happening now," Ben says. "Being able to get them out now is my main objective." 

You Sucked Today

5:36 PM:

Boston Rob tries to explain away his strategy, but he knows he "blew it." 

"You sucked today," Ethan tells him. 

"I take full responsibility, but for whatever reason, I'm not worried about it," Rob says. He feels comfortable with his relationships, and focuses on which of the newbies he wants out. 

Got to Go

5:31 PM:

Dakal heads back to camp with their Survivor spice rack, and Parvati prepares for tribal. "Someone's got to go," she notes. 

My Bad

5:31 PM:

Rob and Denise take a different strategy, organizing their pieces before putting anything in, giving Sophie and Sandra a chance to get ahead. 

The Sele strategy isn't working, Parvati is yelling, and Ethan looks exhausted. With that, Dakal wins immunity, and Sele is set for another tribal council. 

"My bad, boys," Rob says. 

Back in Business

5:28 PM:

Sophie and Sandra are making very fast work on the puzzle, while Denise and Rob struggle to keep up. 

Then, things change, and Denise and Rob are back in business. With one section of the puzzle completed, the tribes are neck in neck. 

The Lead

5:27 PM:

The challenge intensifies as the tribes have to disassemble and reassemble their carts through several obstacles. Dakal takes the lead. 

They open their chests and start looking through their puzzle pieces. Sandra and Sophie have a huge head start. 


5:24 PM:

The challenge is for immunity and reward, and the reward is the Survivor spice kit. The castaways are motivated, and the challenge is on! 

They head off on the first part of the challenge, rolling a cart through an obstacle course, in which they have to retrieve rings of keys to unlock chests. Ben and Tyson both prove to be worthy athletes for their teams, but only one tribe can come out on top! 

The Barrel

5:23 PM:

IT'S CHALLENGE TIME and we're having flashbacks to Rob throwing his entire tribe over that barrel. Please let there be another barrel!!! 

Rob, however, isn't looking out for barrels -- he's looking out for his wife, Amber, and noticing she's not there. 

Cops R Us

5:19 PM:

"That's the guy that's enforcing the law at home," Tyson notes with worry. 

The tribe is taking note of Tony -- and Sarah wants to keep her distance. Tony notes their first Cops R Us alliance didn't work out too well for her, because she was voted out. 

"Now I know my partner, and as long as nobody knows about Cops R Us, Cops R Us can work," Sarah says. 

The Ladder

5:17 PM:

Tony wants coconuts, so he starts building a ladder... or "two pieces of bamboo with other pieces of bamboo, tied with flimsy twine," Sophie notes. 

Tyson jokes about there not being a "ladder clause" in their Survivor contract, and everyone looks worried about Tony's 20-foot death machine. 

Fire Tokens

5:15 PM:

Natalie can sell her advantage, Safety Without Power, for one fire token -- and offers to give it to Jeremy. 

"This is huge for my game," he notes. "Now, I feel like I'm on the bottom." 

Jeremy buys the advantage, and comments on how important these fire tokens are. "This is the biggest season ever. It's a war, and I lost the first battle, but these fire tokens could change everything," he says. 


5:12 PM:

At Extinction, Amber and Natalie find a message -- one that hints there's something on the island they haven't noticed. 

"It's like, a Survivor economy. We're bartering back and forth," Natalie says. 

Amber notes the clue isn't easy to figure out. The show gives us a hint (water well), but Natalie and Amber are taking the hard way. 

"At the end of the day, it's about not forgetting why we're here," Natalie notes. "We should keep our eyes open." 


Chopping Block

5:09 PM:

Kim decides to tell Sophie about her idol -- who is shocked to be included in her gameplay. 

"Even if she is the nicest Texan in the world, everyone's going to see her as a threat... if I were Kim, I'd be worried about telling me she has an idol. She could be next on the chopping block," Sophie notes. 

Another Idol

5:08 PM:

Kim is having a hard time playing from the bottom this time around. To try to change her luck, she goes searching for idols... and finds one. TWO IDOLS IN FIVE MINUTES, IS THIS REAL? 

She finds the same kind of idol Denise does -- and has to give half up. But before Kim has time to think about it, Tony and Nick show up, and she's forced to think quickly. 


5:05 PM:

Adam isn't too happy to hear that Ben knows about Denise's idol. "Ben is a wild card," he explains. 

Denise then suggests giving it to Parvati. "Are you serious?" Adam asks. "Is she going to keep that secret?" 

"Luckily, I'm able to convince Denise that it makes way more sense to give me the other half of the idol," Adam says. "But the idea of playing this game with Ben makes me a little nervous." 

Special Idol

5:03 PM:

Elsewhere, Ben and Denise look for idols... and Denise finds one! 

It's a ~special~ idol, which has two halves. She has to give one of them up, and can only use the idol if they're both together. Ben doesn't try to convince Denise to give him the other half, which makes Denise think she can trust him -- but she's partial to giving it to Adam. 

This Is War

5:01 PM:

"The game is still going for me," Amber says from Extinction. She's a little shocked after her elimination, but it's not over. 

Back at camp, Rob gets his fire token from Amber. "It kills me... it was really, really, really hard for us to leave the kids. I know that's weighing on her," he says. 

Rob tells Parvati, speculating maybe it was his "friend," Sandra. "But I don't know if I can trust Sandra, and if she voted my wife out, this is war," he promises. 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See more on Winners at War in the video below. 


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