'Survivor: Winners at War': Another Boston Rob Ally Gets Voted Out in a Shocking Blindside


Adam was ready to go after the "big dogs" on Survivor -- but he nearly ruined his game in the process.  

Boston Rob and his old school alliance have been pulling all the strings so far on this season of Survivor: Winners at War, but after voting out a member of their own, Danni, on last week's episode, the power is certainly shifting. 

At the beginning of Wednesday's episode, the new school players outweighed the old school ones on Rob's Sele tribe, with Adam setting his sights on voting out Rob's close ally, Parvati. However, Adam made the mistake of telling Rob all about his plan, thinking it would keep him in Rob's good graces. The move nearly cost Adam the competition, but Rob's alliance lost in the end, with Michele and Jeremy seemingly organizing a blindside on Ethan

ET was live blogging Wednesday's episode. Scroll down for updates on everything that went down. 

Not Afraid

5:59 PM:

Next week -- the Sele tribe is tired of Adam playing both sides and Tyson makes a move. 

But first -- Ethan arrives at the Edge of Extinction, telling Amber, Natalie and Danni that his Boston Rob alliance got the best of him. 

"I'm not afraid of Edge of Extinction," Ethan tells the camera, noting that beating cancer has given him the strength he needs to get through this. 


5:55 PM:

Jeff tallies the votes and asks if anyone has a hidden immunity idol to play. No takers. 

The votes: Parvati, Adam, Adam, Adam, Ethan, Ethan, Ethan and Ethan. 

Ethan is voted out. He gives his fire token to Parvati on his way out. 


5:54 PM:

Denise and Ben tell Jeff that people are jumping into each other's bunkers... they just don't know who is in which. 

"I don't know much about bunkers," Ethan says. With that, it's time to vote. Ethan's up first. 

The Statue

5:52 PM:

"This is a game where you have to trust someone, but inherently, you're not supposed to trust anybody," Rob notes. 

Parvati tells Jeff she's walking around as a target, and she doesn't have that many options of who to work with. 

"When you have played the game a lot of times... or there's a statue of you built somewhere on this island, people will look at you. And that will either be an opportunity or a threat," Adam says. 

Rob accuses Adam of "reminding everyone" of his statue. "I'm not saying you have to vote him out because of that. But it's the truth!" Adam says. 

The Problem

5:50 PM:

Tribal time! The Sele tribe brings their torches in and takes a seat. 

Ben tells Jeff that they all know something needs to happen after their recent losses -- but they're scared to make the first shot. "We have to figure out what's the problem with this tribe, and why we keep losing," Jeremy says.


5:46 PM:

Michele heads off to tell Denise and Ben that Adam told Rob all about their plan -- and they're SHOOK... and ready to vote Adam out. 

"People thought I didn't deserve my win, but I feel like I am proving that they're wrong," Michele tells the camera, noting she and Jeremy hold the power of the vote. 

Damn Good

5:44 PM:

Rob is a DAMN GOOD player, and immediately goes to Michele and Jeremy, telling him he knows the plan to vote out Parvati. 

"Let's vote out Adam," he proposes. Rob can't believe that Adam would believe he's OK with voting Parvati out. 

Boston Rob is hard at work, and it seems it's paying off. 

Jeremy and Michele talk it out on the beach, considering still voting for Parv. Michele, however, is pissed at Adam for telling Rob about their plan. "I have to get the wheels turning and start talking to people and figuring out what the plan is," she says. 

Oh, Dude

5:40 PM:

The new school players have their sights set on Parvati. 

Rob, meanwhile, tries to pitch Ben as an option to Adam. 

Adam asks Rob if he's open to voting Parvati out, and Rob seems like he's considering it. "Oh, dude," he sighs. 

"You do not go against the Godfather," Adam tells the camera. He's telling Rob he has his back. "Boston Rob is somebody I would like to work with long term." 

Adam thinks telling Rob the truth will get him on his side -- and we'll see if it works. 


5:38 PM:

It's Day 9 at Sele, and tensions are HIGH. The tribe sits around in silence knowing tribal is ahead of them. 

"When we get back to the camp, it was almost like it was a standoff," Rob observes. "These players know what they're doing." 

"Nobody wanted to walk off," Michelle says. 

"This is just the calm before the storm, but I knew as soon as I walk away, Ben was going to come with me," Jeremy reveals. And just as expected, that's what happened. 

Back to Tribal

5:35 PM:

Dakal has won three out of the four challenges, and Sele is headed back to tribal. Will Adam's plan work out? We'll find out soon. 

"This could blow up a lot of people's games," Denise notes.

Immunity for Dakal!

5:32 PM:

Sele gets a piece, then Dakal, then Sele again and Dakal -- the tribes are neck in neck. 

Sandra is too nervous to look as her team struggles to gain the lead. It's crunch time, Wendell is coaching his tribe, and tensions are HIGH. 

Dakal has one piece left, Sarah drops it, but manages to get it back on the puzzle in time. Immunity for Dakal!


5:30 PM:

Sarah and Sophie start on the puzzle for Dakal as Ben finally hooks the rope for Sele. 

Sele makes a human wall on the backs of Ben and Jeremy, and make it through, giving them a shot at besting Dakal on the puzzle. 

Though Sophie and Sarah still have a lead, Rob and Michele try to close the gap. The tribes are tied. 

Dakal in the Lead

5:28 PM:

Dakal gets through the first obstacle first, and starts digging for the ladder. They find it quickly, sending Tony up to collect the rope, and he's down in record time. 

Dakal has a generous lead, but Sele might be able to catch up at the rope section. Then Wendell hooks the rope and gets his team up -- while Rob struggles to hook his rope on the wall. 

Ben jumps in to take over for Rob, but he's not doing much better. 

Competition Time

5:26 PM:

Competition time! 

Dakal gets their first look at the new Sele tribe, with Danni voted out. First things first -- Jeff Probst takes back the immunity idiol. 

Then, it's time for the immunity challenge. The teams will leap across walls, climb a ladder, retriever a rope, climb a tower and solve a puzzle. 

In addition, the tribes are playing for reward: chicken kabobs! Sandra sits out for Dakal.

Mission Accomplished

5:21 PM:

Sarah arrives at the other camp just as Ethan goes down for the night. 

"I get right to the edge of camp, and it is pitch black. I can't see anything, and it's foreign territory," she tells the camera. She eventually is able to find the torches. She's making noise... enough for Ben to be alerted. 

But then Sarah finds the advantage, puts it away, and runs off. "Mission accomplished!" she says. 

Cops R Us

5:19 PM:

Sarah knows she needs help -- and recruits her Cops R Us teammate Tony to the cause. 

He convinces her to go camouflage by rubbing chocolate mixed with spit on her forehead, and sends her on her way. 


5:17 PM:

Sarah finds a note in her bag, encouraging her to sneak into the other tribe's camp to find a steal-a-vote hidden in a competitor's bag. 

"This is definitely something I would like to have in my back pocket," she tells the camera. Sarah knows it'll be difficult -- she'll have to lose a fire token, sneak away from her camp without being caught, and then find the steal-a-vote in an unfamiliar tribe. 

Bloody Island

5:17 PM:

Natalie's feeling confident, and closer to her goal of "getting off this bloody island and back out there." 


5:15 PM:

Natalie, Amber and Danni get tree mail -- and they head off to explore. 

The group looks for barren trees, and finds a combination lock. Natalie and Danni try to figure it out, while Amber walks off and finds numbers on the crates, trying to find the solution. 

But it's Natalie who figures it out, realizing a string of shells was a combination. She unlocks the combo, and earns a steal-a-vote advantage she can sell to another player in the game. 

Never Out

5:12 PM:

On Extinction, Danni is learning to spearfish for the first time in her life. 

For Danni, the fish symbolizes "you may be down, but you're never out." 

Don't Come After Me

5:09 PM:

Sandra isn't going down without a fight.

"Don't come after me," she says in a warning to the camera. "If you're going to come after me, I better not find out about it." 

The Shark

5:08 PM:

Sandra's fishing net catches a shark -- and she doesn't think anyone's at her "level." 

Tony picks up the shark, still alive, and freaks out over possibly getting his arm bitten off (it wasn't that big). "Oh man, what a cluster that was!" he exclaims. 

The tribe is well fed with the shark, and Yul notes that he's not ready to vote out Sandra just yet. 

Switching It Up

5:06 PM:

On Dakal, Sandra notes this is her last time playing Survivor, so she wants to switch up her strategy. She's trying to prove her worth by helping the tribe catch some fish. 

Tyson, however, sets his sights on getting Sandra out -- especially since she's a two-time winner. Yul and Sophie seem open to Tyson's plan. 

No. 1

5:04 PM:

"I wish Rob would get off this island," Ben says, noting he doesn't get along with the "alpha male." 

Adam then approaches Ethan with his plan to vote Parvati out. He knows it's a risky move to tell Ethan, but explains that he needs Ethan in his corner. 

Ethan sees things differently. "Parvati is my No. 1. I trust her with my life," he tells the camera.

On Board

5:03 PM:

Adam opens up to Denise about his plan to break up the old schoolers. He's planning to get Parvati out of the game, by telling Rob that it's him or her. 

Denise, who has Danni's fire token, is open to it. Adam takes his plan to Michele and Ben -- who jump on board. 

Big Dogs

5:00 PM:

We pick up with the Sele tribe after they've voted out Danni. Adam notes how the three old schoolers -- Rob, Parvati and Ethan -- have been in control. 

"This is not Survivor: Redemption Island. This is Survivor: Winners at War," Adam says. "This is a time to draw a line in the sand and target some of the big dogs." 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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