'Survivor: Winners at War': Another Old School Icon Gets Voted Out


Adam tried to make a big move on last week's episode of Survivor: Winners at War -- but did it set up his demise? 

Boston Rob's old school alliance with Parvati and Ethan crumbled on the Sele tribe, with Ethan voted out in a shocking blindside. It seemed Adam -- who tried to mastermind the fall of the alliance -- could be in trouble ahead of Wednesday's episode, but a big challenge comeback shifted the focus to Dakal. 

With big ties to Boston Rob and Parvati, Tyson was the biggest target on Dakal, and, despite his best efforts to eliminate Nick instead, he was voted out of the game. 

ET was live blogging Wednesday's episode -- which also included a scary medic visit to Ethan. Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates of everything that went down. 

Who Dat?

3:00 PM:

Next time on Survivor, we're switching tribes! Rob isn't excited and Michele gets stuck with her "ex-boyfriend." WHO DAT??? 

Tyson jokes he's expecting to live his best life on the Edge of Extinction... this should be interesting. 

Fire Token From Your Hero

2:57 PM:

Tyson heads off, and gives Nick his fire token on his way out to Extinction Island. "Here's a fire token from your hero, Nick," he says. 

The Vote

2:55 PM:

Jeff tallies the votes and asks if anyone has an immunity idol they'd like to play. No takers. 

The votes: Nick, Kim, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson and Tyson. 

A couple things: we LOVE Sandra's faces during that reading. And WHY DID NICK VOTE FOR KIM? Makes no sense. Even if you thought Tyson had an idol, everyone else voted for him!

Different Pages

2:54 PM:

Jeff asks Sandra if she ever gets starstruck and her firm "NO" is the funniest thing we've ever heard. Nick says Parvati was his crush in high school, but he's got to control himself around these big players. 

He also notes that he feels responsible for the loss in the challenge -- and he's the reason they're here tonight. 

A show of hands reveals everyone thinks they know "the plan" -- but they're "on different pages maybe," Tyson observes.


2:51 PM:

"Sandra is the most solid person in Survivor history at that strategy," Tyson says of Sandra's willingness to vote out anybody but herself. 

Yul talks about how surprised he's been by how things have been going. He thought Tony was going to be an a**hole. 

Jeff uses a big word -- idolatry -- WOW THAT WAS HARDER TO SPELL THAN IT SHOULD'VE BEEN -- and we're impressed. 

One Person

2:49 PM:

It's time for tribal council. Tony tells Jeff that as hard as it is to vote someone off, it's clear from a "game level." 

"I haven't been doing a lot of math lately," Yul confesses. He says that so far, they haven't had to outwardly show where their alliances lie. 

"Eight of us have to be accurate in choosing the one person," Sophie says. 

$2 Million

2:44 PM:

Sandra sees the benefit to keeping Tyson around, because he's also a target -- but also, she doesn't like the guy. 

"I like revenge, but at the end of the day, I love $2 million even more," she explains. So, does that mean she's going to try to keep him around? 

Nick vs. Tyson

2:42 PM:

It seems like it's Nick vs.Tyson. "Until people actually prove it with a vote, you don't know where they stand," Nick says. 

Sarah's ready to band together against the big threats. "The problem is, it all hinges on Sandra," she says. 

Too Easy

2:39 PM:

After the challenge, Tyson notes that the tribe is patting the puzzle guys on the back, saying it's not their fault -- but it is. 

He wants Nick out, and he's going around trying to make it happen. "It seems too easy," Tyson tells Kim. 

"All of our eyes are on Tyson," Wendell says. "He's kind of a dead man walking." 

"If we were to merge or swap or anything, once he links up with Rob and Parv, they could do a lot of damage," Wendell says. 

Swim Out

2:35 PM:

Sele is over the moon, but they still have to "swim out" back to camp. What a reward. 

Adam tears up over his perseverance, and we get a wide shot into commercial break that shows JUST HOW FAR their swim back to camp really is. Rough life. 

What Just Happened

2:34 PM:

Jeff praises Rob and Michele's work as "one of the biggest comebacks in the history of the game" -- and we believe him. 

Sele wins, sending Dakal to tribal council. "What just happened?" Jeff yells. 

In the Lead

2:32 PM:

Rob and Michele (who struggled on the last puzzle) are again doing the puzzle for Sele. We're WORRIED. 

And with a blink of an eye, Sele's back in it. Dakal starts over, and Sele is IN THE LEAD.


2:31 PM:

"This is a disaster for Sele!" Jeff yells. "An absolute disaster." 

Yeah, we see it. Jeff  notes how important it is to choose which teammate goes in which position, and it seems Sele just didn't pick right. 

Adam is out of breath and exhausted, but the Sele tribe cheers him on. Finally, Adam gets the last key. 

Dakal is nearly done with their puzzle, so Sele better move quickly. 

Strike Out

2:29 PM:

The challenge starts! Both teams of swimmers are off to a good start, but they miss their first attempts at grabbing the keys. 

Parvati strikes out, allowing Dakal to come through. Dakal is already on the puzzle, and Parvati and Adam continue to miss. This is not looking good for them. 


2:26 PM:

Competition time! Jeff welcomes the tribes for a water competition, and Dakal gets their first look at the Sele tribe, minus Ethan. 

For the challenge, four tribe members have to pull a boat with the rest of their tribe in it. They'll then have to find keys and solve a puzzle. 

At stake is immunity and reward (chickens!). Sandra sits out again. 

"Are you going to rename her bench, Jeff? The Sandra Bench?" Parvati quips. 

Sandra is honored!

Behind the Scenes

2:20 PM:

On Dakal, Sarah says they're taking advantage of their playground, and she's having the most fun she's ever had on the game. 

"Tyson and I have this bond," Sarah says. "We mesh." 

Tyson remarks on how calm things feel, but also feels like gaming is going on behind the scenes. "Sophie is so under the radar that I don't even know her name," he jokes. 

There's a divide between the players that are well known and the ones that aren't. "What he's trying to do is save himself any way he can," Sandra say. "You threw the first stone, because you came after me days ago." 

No Surprise

2:18 PM:

Rob and Parvati don't like that they're the only ones left on their alliance. 

"Rob and Parvati are trying to get me to make a mistake and say something I shouldn't," Adam says. 

Rob notes Adam's not saying anything -- but he's going to lie to Jeremy about Adam. "He keeps trying to talk to me," Rob tells Jeremy. 

No surprise -- it works, and Michele and Jeremy are pissed.

Soften Things Up

2:17 PM:

Adam, meanwhile, is trying to soften things up by doing his best to contribute around the camp. 

"Adam's pitching in," Denise observes. 

Quality Time

2:16 PM:

Michele gets in some quality time with Rob, telling him about all the backlash she got the first time she won. 

"If you win, you win," he tells her -- and we're sure that must feel good. 

Last One

2:11 PM:

Natalie gets her 20th piece of wood and then comes the floodgates. She starts crying in the ocean. 

"I just needed to let it go," explains Amber, who also broke down in tears upon getting her 20th log. 

Ethan gets back out there -- "It was inspiring," Danni says -- and the rest of the Extinction crew finishes the final leg with him. 

"It felt good," Amber says, tearing up over how much they've bonded. 

"That was something I'll remember for the rest of my life," Ethan confesses. 


2:10 PM:

After 16 trips, Ethan gets a visit from the medic -- who advises him that if he wants to carry on, he needs to take rests. 

Uh Oh

2:08 PM:

Ethan is trying to coach himself to "pick it up" and we are WORRIED FOR HIM. Like, for real. 

"I'm not going to stop," Ethan says -- but then he collapses. 


2:06 PM:

"I've done marathons, I've played professional soccer, I've been through cancer," Ethan notes. He thinks the challenge is a piece of cake. We'll see how he feels at the end of it. 

Danni notes how she's not trying to exhaust herself out of the gate, and we feel her. SHE DOES NOT LOOK SO GOOD. 

Natalie, meanwhile, is a BEAST. "Self-doubt crept in around log 10," Ethan admits. 

Edge of Extinction

2:05 PM:

Dakal can see the people on the Edge of Extinction and WOW, we did not realize they were so close. 

A new day means a new chance for Natalie, Amber, Danni and Ethan to earn a fire token on Extinction. They have to carry a log up and down the mountain 20 times by sundown to earn the token -- and we don't envy them. 


2:03 PM:

The next morning, Dakal celebrates being a quarter of the way through the competition. 

"We're just on a roll," Yul says. "We all like each other and can still continue with this illusion we're still tight with each other." 

However, Yul notes he's in an alliance -- and says it's the strongest one in the game. 

Playing Both Sides

2:00 PM:

It's night 9 on Sele -- and things are TENSE. 

"I revealed my plan to Boston Rob, and he betrayed me," Adam says. "I got left out of the vote by the people I was supposed to be aligned with." 

Adam admits he "was playing both sides, and unfortunately, everybody knows it." He starts on his apology tour, but we're not sure it's working. 

"Adam is that little weasel that's sneaking through the bushes and whispering in everyone's ears," Ben tells the camera. Adam's lucky Boston Rob and Parvati are still in the competition -- and for now, still the biggest targets. 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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