'Survivor: Winners at War': Boston Rob Plays Through Injury and Tony Might Be the One to Beat

Tony Survivor

"Tony's a boss, dude." 

Tony might just have the wildest gameplay we've ever seen, but it's working out for him on Survivor: Winners at War. By Wednesday's episode, the New Jersey native had won back-to-back immunity challenges. Then, he won another. 

Before coming out on top in the challenge, Tony was Kim's No. 1 target. He had upped his "Spy Shack" to a "Spy Nest," was driving the castaways crazy and had proved he was a physical and strategic threat. Kim had seemingly built a base of support to vote out Tony, but then she made the mistake of quitting the immunity challenge for a chance at peanut butter. Denise won for the women and Tony won for the men -- and wasted no time on trying to get Kim out. 


The vote was supposed to be Jeremy, but on Kim's side, Michele secretly offered Jeremy her 50/50 advantage, hoping he would stay in the game. Tony scrambled to move the votes off of Jeremy and onto Kim, but it didn't seem like he could do it... until they got to tribal council. 

As per usual, the whispering immediately started once the castaways sat down. Kim, sensing she might be in trouble, told host Jeff Probst that she "completely regretted" dropping out of the challenge. Jeremy gained confidence and lashed out at Denise, who told Jeff she was "ready to vote" (for Jeremy). 

"Are you sure you want to do that?" he asked. "You know you're just safe tonight." 

"I fully realize that," Denise bit back. 

Once back from voting, Jeremy felt so confident that he and Tony were able to pull off the votes needed to vote for Kim that he didn't bother playing the 50/50 advantage Michele had given him. Tony offered to play his idol for Sarah, thinking Kim and her allies might have tried to go after her, but she denied. Jeff read the votes: Jeremy, Kim, Jeremy, Jeremy, Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim. 

Survivor Kim

Even visitors from Extinction, including Boston Rob -- who had injured his elbow during a challenge, but continued to complete the task even after he had won -- were impressed. 

"I can't believe they all did it. Sheesh!" Kim said as she realized she had just been voted out.  

"I'm not sorry for trying to gather the troops to take out Tony. I think it was the right move, and the game's not over," she added to the camera. "I won't step down for peanut butter on the battle back." 

Next week, Survivor will gear up for its season finale with a two-hour episode. Sarah and Tony are worried and Ben is getting ready for his "hardest mission yet." 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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