'Survivor: Winners at War' Boot List: See Who's Been Voted Out (So Far)

From Boston Rob to Sandra Diaz-Twine, ET is keeping you up to date on who’s in and who’s out on the all-winners season.

Warning: This story contains spoilers from Survivor: Winners at Warso if you aren't caught up, do not proceed.

Survivor is upping the ante.

The all-winners season has been in the works for years and it finally came together with the 40th cycle, bringing back 20 past winners -- including legends and fan favorites -- for Winners at War. While several returning castaways have competed on multiple seasons of Survivor (see: Boston Rob, Tyson Apostol, Parvati Shallow), there are a handful of winners who haven’t played the game in years (see: Yul Kwon, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Sophie Clarke). 

With the prize money doubled to $2 million, Survivor upped the difficulty level for this all-star cast tenfold. The 20th anniversary season saw the return of the controversial Edge of Extinction, a twist that was first introduced in the 38th cycle in 2019, adding another layer of complex strategy to the fold with the threat of banished castaways potentially returning to the main game. Add to that hidden immunity idols, invaluable fire tokens and game advantages, and you have an epic season of Winners at War.

As Winners at War continues to unfold, we’ll continue to update this master list of eliminated castaways and keep tabs on who decides to keep hope alive by staying on Edge of Extinction.



Episode Voted Out: Episode 12, "Friendly Fire" (Day 29)

What Happened: Kim was the latest victim of Tony's wild-but-effective strategy -- and it's a toss up whether her biggest mistake was trying to come after him or dropping out of the immunity challenge for some peanut butter goodness. She told host Jeff Probst at tribal council that she "completely regretted" giving up her shot at immunity, which put her in harm's way for elimination. With Tony and Denise winning immunity, Kim's biggest target was off-limits. She set her sights on voting out Jeremy, but Tony was able to pull things together at the last minute, orchestrating Kim's demise. 

Vote Count: 5-3, over Jeremy 

Current Status: Edge of Extinction




Episode Voted Out: Episode 11, "This Is Extortion" (Day 28)

What Happened: The South Pacific winner was the victim of Tony's incredible game move. After Parvati and Natalie used the newly introduced Extortion Advantage against Tony, which barred him competing in the immunity challenge and casting a vote at tribal council unless he came up with six fire tokens, Tony managed to get the six he needed from his fellow tribe mates -- and won the immunity challenge. Stunning. Tony set his sights on getting Sophie out of the game, after she started getting close to his alliance member, Sarah. It didn't look like he was going to be able to make it happen, but he did the impossible. 

Vote Count: 4-3-2, over Jeremy and Michele

Current Status: Edge of Extinction


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Episode Voted Out: Episode 10, "The Full Circle" (Day 25); Episode 4, “I Like Revenge” (Day 11)

What Happened: Turns out, the second time wasn't the charm for Tyson, who became the first castaway to be voted out of the game twice this season. His brief stint back on the island ended in dramatic fashion, when -- through a series of extraordinary events, i.e. Jeremy and Sarah both used their game advantages (Safety Without Power for Jeremy, Steal-a-Vote for Sarah), and Kim used her immunity idol on Denise -- he came out on the short end of the stick. It was a nutty way to end his second go-around on Winners at War, and unfortunately for Tyson, it's back to Edge of Extinction.

The Dakal tribe came out to an early lead in the immunity challenge, but quickly fell apart in the puzzle portion, due in part to Nick’s inability to put the pieces together. When it came time for the tribe to strategize over who to vote out at tribal council, Tyson became the de facto leader in spearheading a plan to get out Nick. After all, he was the reason why Dakal lost. But, as we all know, Survivor isn’t that simple. And a secondary plan came to fruition, where Tyson surfaced as the smarter move due to his connections to the other tribute (i.e. Boston Rob and Parvati). “We’re all on the same page and that makes us all on different pages maybe,” Tyson remarked at tribal. And when the votes were read, revealing him to be the fifth Survivor voted out of the main game, he was stunned: ““It was too easy. I should have seen it coming.”

Vote Count: 4-2-2, over Sophie and Denise (second time); 7-1-1, over Nick and Kim (first time)

Current Status: Edge of Extinction



Episode Voted Out: Episode 9, "The Full Circle" (Day 23)

What Happened: Paranoia ended up being the death knell in Adam's game. The 28-year-old Millennials vs. Generation X winner saw his time on the island cut short, after he unsuccessfully tried to pull off a Survivor first at tribal council. For some reason, Adam was under the delusional impression that there was a hidden immunity idol inside Jeff Probst's podium. Shrug. And spent most of the episode really hammering that point home. So when it came time for tribal -- Adam, by the way, was at the top of everyone's lists -- he revealed what he believed would be a game-changing discovery. Only, he was so, so, so wrong. After everyone put in their vote, Adam went straight for the podium, yanking at the symbol he thought would become an idol, except it wouldn't budge. Jeff, with a complete poker face, asked Adam if he wanted "to play... this thing you can't get off of the voting podium." "[This would be] the first idol ever hidden at tribal council...," he paused, before delivering the cold, hard truth. "That is... not a hidden immunity idol. Just part of the voting podium." You truly can't make this stuff up. Goodbye, Adam!

Vote Count: 6-2-1, over Nick and Sarah

Current Status: Edge of Extinction 



Episode Voted Out: Episode 8, "This Is Where the Battle Begins" (Day 21)

What Happened: Wendell made it far enough to see the merge, and to see Tyson earn his way back into the game from the Edge of Extinction. While even Tyson himself warned that the newly-merged Koru tribe's best bet would be to vote him right out again, that's not how things played out. Denise and Jeremy won individual immunity, and though Wendell was tight with Jeremy -- he wasn't with others. He was seen as a threat in the game, and one who clearly wanted to control it. It was between Wendell and Adam, and while Adam was paranoid it was going to be him, when Jeff read the votes, it was Wendell who was voted out. To the Edge he goes!

Vote Count: 9-3, over Adam

Current Status: Edge of Extinction 



Episode Voted Out: Episode 7, "We're in the Majors" (Day 18)

What Happened: The last "old school" player was taken out of the game when Cook Islands winner Yul was outnumbered at tribal council by his Sele tribe mates. Yul became the target after he unsuccessfully attempted a big move. He proposed to Michele and Nick that they split the votes between him and Wendell, with the chance that Wendell would gift his fire tokens to Michele for not betraying him. And Michele and Nick didn't take the bait, as Michele expressed feelings that Yul was a bigger strategic threat than her ex, Wendell, and one who could end up winning the game. At tribal, Yul lamented not being able to adapt to the "new school" rules and sure enough, he was on the short end of the stick when the votes came in.

Vote Count: 3-1, over Wendell

Current Status: Edge of Extinction 



Episode Voted Out: Episode 6, "Quick on the Draw" (Day 16)

What Happened: In one of the most impressive game moves in recent Survivor memory, Denise pulled off the ultimate coup, leaving a legendary player out of the game (for now). After it became apparent that Denise and fellow Dakal tribe mate Jeremy were on the chopping block, simply because they were the newest additions after the tribe swap, Sandra came up with a plan, telling Denise that they were all going to vote her out. Sandra would agree to sell her immunity idol to Denise in exchange for one fire token before tribal council and one after, with Denise seeing it as a chance to potentially change the game and be the lone vote in choosing who was eliminated. When tribal rolled around, Dakal cast their votes and Denise played the idol she bought from Sandra. Then, she played her other idol for Jeremy, just to be safe. Sure enough, it played out perfectly for Denise -- her vote, the only one that counted, was to oust Sandra. In one massive move, Denise saved herself from elimination, blindsided the player who offered her a chance to save herself and removed a legend from the game -- and she only paid one fire token for that idol. Legendary. 

But Sandra didn't last long on Edge of Extinction. After detailing how she was blindsided to the Edge of Extinction group in episode 7, she made the announcement that she was going to exit the game for good. "I don't want to stay, because I feel like I can't do anything else. My time here is done and I've done everything I possibly can do in the world and in the game of Survivor. I don't need to do anything else to move on," Sandra said as she waved the white flag. She was the first castaway to leave the game this season.

Vote Count: 4-1, over Sandra, but Denise played the immunity idol so votes against her were negated

Current Status: Out of the competition



Episode Voted Out: Episode 6, "Quick on the Draw" (Day 16)

What Happened: It's become increasingly clear that the "old school" players may need to rethink their strategies because the moves they are (or rather, aren't making) are not paying off. Fire tokens came into play in what ultimately led to Parvati's undoing. After Wendell offered her a chance to save herself by giving up her fire tokens in exchange for another Sele tribe mate to take her place as the target, she declined, even though she was outnumbered by her tribe. Wendell gave Parvati one last chance to keep herself safe at tribal council, but she turned it down again. That was the death knell.

Vote Count: 3-2, over Wendell

Current Status: Edge of Extinction



Episode Voted Out: Episode 5, "The Buddy System on Steroids" (Day 14)

What Happened: Boston Rob couldn't even survive the tribe swap. The Survivor legend immediately became a target after it came time to begin anew with his new tribe mates at Yara, bullying his way to the top by implementing a "buddy system" where he and the guys, Adam and Ben, stick together and align. Instead, they'll target one of the two women, Sarah or Sophie, and they all seemingly agree on voting out Sarah. But when it comes time for tribal, it's clear the trust between Rob, Adam and Ben just isn't there (Rob admits that they aren't "a tight three"), following an awkward few hours where the tribe sat around at camp discussing Oreos and fried Twinkies instead of strategizing, all at Rob's request. But if you have the opportunity to take out one of the biggest Survivor players in game history, wouldn't you take it? And that's exactly what happened. Enjoy Extinction Island, Boston Rob! 

Vote Count: 3-1, over Sarah

Current Status: Edge of Extinction


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Episode Voted Out: Episode 3, “Out for Blood” (Day 9)

What Happened: It’s been a tough showing for the Sele tribe in the early days of Winners at War and it showed when they went to their third tribal council of the season (already). In what was the first shocking elimination, cancer survivor Ethan, who won the Africa season, fell victim to the “new school” alliance teaming up to weaken the “old school” group made up of Boston Rob, Parvati and Ethan. While the “old school” players kept true to their plan to vote Adam out, it was the others in the tribe (minus Adam) who had the numbers on their side, pulling off the stunning blindside by ousting Ethan

Vote Count: 4-3-1, over Adam and Parvati

Current Status: Edge of Extinction


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Episode Voted Out: Episode 2, “It’s Like a Survivor Economy” (Day 6)

What Happened: The Guatemala winner surged to the top of Sele’s list after she mistakenly believed fellow castaway (and Boston Rob’s biggest ally), Parvati, was secretly gunning to get her out. (She wasn’t.) Danni, who hadn’t been on anyone’s radar until after the tribe lost the immunity challenge, was in a decent position until that misunderstanding. When it became clear to her that she was being left out of “old school” alliance discussions, her paranoia proved too much for her to bear and she made some rookie mistakes, including accidentally outing the “old school” alliance to a “new school” player, Ben. Whoops. When it came time to vote out their latest castaway at tribal, Sele decided to extinguish Danni’s torch.

Vote Count: 8-1, over Parvati

Current Status: Edge of Extinction


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Episode Voted Out: Episode 1, “Greatest of the Greats” (Day 3)

What Happened: Right from the get-go, Amber was out of her element when she returned to play Survivor alongside her husband, Boston Rob. (Amber’s last season was All-Stars, which she won more than 16 years ago.) Her close connection to Rob turned out to be a detriment, when her other Dakal tribe mates began to surmise that having both Marianos make it to the merge or a tribe swap would hugely diminish their chances of winning. Adding insult to injury, Sandra expressed her unhappiness over Rob keeping his participation on Winners at War a secret, fueling some bad blood. Ultimately, Amber paid the price, claiming enough votes at tribal council to be the second castaway sent off to Edge of Extinction. 

Vote Count: 6-3-1, over Kim and Nick

Current Status: Edge of Extinction


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Episode Voted Out: Episode 1, “Greatest of the Greats” (Day 2)

What Happened: The San Juan del Sur winner entered the game with a promising start, reuniting with her fellow San Juan del Sur castaway, Jeremy, and quickly forming an alliance. Soon after stepping onto the beach, Natalie and Jeremy zeroed in on Adam and Denise as their ideal first targets. Unfortunately for Natalie, her Sele tribe mates had other ideas, identifying her and Jeremy as a dangerous duo -- pairs just don’t last on Survivor -- and putting an effective plan in place to break them up. In the first tribal council of the season, Natalie was blindsided and sent to Edge of Extinction. 

Vote Count: 7-2-1, over Denise and Adam

Current Status: Edge of Extinction

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