'Survivor': The Last Old School Player Gets Voted Out on 'Winners at War' 


That didn't take long.

That didn't take long. 

One by one, the old school players have been voted out on Survivor: Winners at War -- and that trend continued this week. 

Wednesday's episode saw Yul voted out following Sele's loss at the immunity challenge. The Survivor: Cook Islands winner was the last old school player remaining in the game. "The new schoolers got the old scholers!" fellow old school player Tyson yelled as Yul made his way to the Edge of Extinction, which, at this point, is full of old school players... and Natalie. 

"Getting so close to the merge and just literally being a split second away from winning immunity and making the merge and being blindsided is a bitter pill to swallow," Yul told the camera. "I'm trying to remind myself this is an adventure and I feel lucky to be here."

Yul and the rest of the old school players -- minus Sandra, who left Extinction and the game earlier on this week's episode -- still have a chance to get back in the game. But how did we get here? Well, on Wednesday, Yul tried to make a big move. 


He proposed to his Sele tribemates, Michele and Nick, that they split the votes between him and Wendell, with the chance that Wendell would then gift his fire tokens to Michele for not betraying him. "I would have some risk, because my name gets written down, [and] I would like some compensation. I would like to get a fire token," he said. 

"It's definitely a dark, strange situation," Nick told the camera. Michele expressed that as much as she'd like to get "revenge" against her ex, Wendell, she considered Yul a strategic threat, and one who could end up winning the game. 

At tribal council, Yul admitted to host Jeff Probst that he was challenged by the new school rules. He had last played and won Survivor in 2006 -- making his hiatus from the game 14 years and 27 seasons long. 

"The game has evolved. It's much more complex, much more fast paced," he confessed. "I've had to lie more already in this game than I did the entire time on Cook Islands."

But it seems Yul didn't adapt to the game fast enough, receiving the three votes he needed to be sent to the Edge of Extinction. 

In a February interview with ET, Sophie -- whom Yul gave his fire tokens to on his way out -- said the old school vs. new school divide was "super evident right from the beginning" of Winners at War. 

"You'd think you'd be like, 'OK, old school people are going to play like old school. They're going to stick together. New school people are going to play like new school, they're going to stick together.' But I think everybody almost had a different take on how to navigate that divide," she shared. 

"Some of the new school players were like, 'OK, well, I want to align with the old school players as shields.' And some of the old school players were like, 'I'm going to align with the new school players to help me get up to speed.' And then other people were like, 'I'm going to stick with my friend,'" Sophie said. "So, it was a really complicated divide, because it meant a lot of different things to a lot of different people." 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.