'Survivor's Denise Stapley Explains Her Epic Move on 'Winners at War'


The 'Survivor: Philippines' winner also responds to fans' reactions to her gameplay.

Denise Stapley's big move will go down in Survivor history. 

The Survivor: Philippines winner executed one of the most epic moves in the game on Wednesday night's episode of Winners at War. 

Denise took Sandra up on her offer for an immunity idol in exchange for two fire tokens after the Survivor legend said she was on the chopping block. Denise gave Sandra one token before tribal council (promising to give her the other when they got back to camp), then played her idol at tribal council, saving herself from elimination. She played another idol for Jeremy, and after host Jeff Probst read the votes, it was Sandra who was sent home. 

Fans were shook by the incredible gameplay, which Denise explained on Twitter on Thursday morning. 

"Just wanted to shoot a quick thank you out to all of you. I figure it's the easiest way to do it via video, because I've received so many messages on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter rand comments, and I simply can't keep up," she began. 

"I just wanted to say thank you. You guys are so awesome. Even the haters, you're entitled to your opinion. I know you love your queen. I did too, but she hd to go," Denise continued. "And just to say that it was fun and I'm glad I could offer a little bit of distraction in the midst of all this crazy coronavirus nuttiness. I think we all need it. So, enjoy. Love you guys. "

"No, I didn't trust Sandra. Yes, I wanted to solidify my relationship with Jeremy," she concluded. "So, see you guys later. We'll see where it goes from here." 

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly after Wednesday's episode, Probst called Denise's move one of the most "vicious" in history. 

"Denise didn’t just take out Sandra, she knocked her out. It was one of the biggest moves that has ever been made in the game," he shared. "And I love that Sandra took it like a true player. She got got -- and she didn’t make any excuses. It has happened to most every great player and the few that haven’t felt it yet in their Survivor career will most likely feel it at some point this season."

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. See more in the video below.