'Survivor: Winners at War': Denise Pulls Off One of the Most Epic, Game-Changing Moves in History


Two big threats headed to the Edge of Extinction after Wednesday's double elimination.

Damn, Denise! 

"It only takes one move to become a high-profile player," Jeff Probst said on Wednesday night's episode of Survivor: Winners at War -- and he was talking about Denise. 

The Survivor: Philippines winner had the host, her tribemates and viewers at home in shock after pulling off one of the show's most epic, game-changing moves. Both Dakal and Sele were sent to tribal council on Wednesday's episode, as Yara won the week's immunity challenge. As a newbie to Dakal with Jeremy after the tribe swap (Sandra, Kim and Tony were on the original tribe), they knew one of them was going home. 

That's when Sandra got creative, telling Denise that they were all voting for her -- but Sandra said she'd sell Denise an immunity idol for two fire tokens. Denise, who already had an idol, agreed, seeing it as a chance to possibly change the game. She gave Sandra one token before tribal council (and promised to give her the other when they got back to camp), and trusted that if Sandra was right, she'd have the one vote choosing who was eliminated. The pair kept their deal a secret from the rest of Dakal, so Sandra could make it appear as if she was working with the other tribemates the whole time.


When tribal council rolled around, Dakal cast their votes, and Denise played the idol she bought from Sandra. Then, she played her other idol for Jeremy, just to be safe. Jeff read the votes: Denise, Denise, Denise, Denise... Sandra. 

In one incredible move, Denise saved herself from elimination, blindsided the player who offered her a chance to save herself, and removed a legend from the game. Oh, and she also only paid one fire token for that idol, since Sandra never returned to camp, being sent to the Edge of Extinction instead. 

Fire tokens also came into play during the Sele elimination, as Wendell -- who was aligned with Yul and Nick -- offered their target, Parvati, a chance to choose another player to go home... for two fire tokens. Parvati only had Michele on her side, but declined, and Wendell offered the deal again at tribal council. The offer made players like Yul nervous, but again, Parvati declined. 


Jeff read the votes: Parvati, Wendell, Wendell, Parvati, Parvati, and she was sent home. 

With two more Survivor legends sent to the Edge of Extinction, the new school players have the power on Winners at War. Next week, however, it seems there will be trouble in paradise between exes Wendell and Michele... with Tony putting a big target on his back. 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.