'Survivor: Winners at War': Boston Rob's 'Buddy System' Fails Him as He's Voted Out After a Tribe Swap


The old school players are dropping like flies on Survivor: Winners at War -- and it only continued on this week's episode. 

Before Wednesday's episode, Survivor legends Tyson, Ethan, Danni and Amber had been voted out and sent to the Edge of Extinction, alongside the only new school player there, Natalie (she's killing it with those fire tokens, by the way). Things didn't look so good for Boston Rob and Parvati on Sele and Sandra on Dakal, and things only got worse for them with this week's tribe swap! 

On a tribe with the Sele members he didn't trust -- Ben and Adam -- Rob did his best to stay in the game, but unfortunately his tried and true "buddy system" failed him. The Survivor legend was voted out... but at least he'll be reunited with his wife! 

Also this week -- we saw exes Michele and Wendell get stuck on a tribe together. This should be interesting! 

ET was live blogging Wednesday's episode. Scroll down for updates on everything that went down. 

Wicked Witch

6:00 PM:

Next week, on Survivor -- the "wicked witch" Rob is "dead" AKA on the Edge of Extinction... and everyone celebrates! 

But back to tonight's elimination. Rob gives his fire token to Parvati and heads to Extinction to be reunited with his wife, Amber. 

The Votes

5:55 PM:

Adam struggles with the vote box, and it's something we truly have never seen in all our years watching the show. A moment of hilarity before someone's game comes to a close! 

Jeff reads the votes: Sarah, Rob, Rob and Rob! 

Rob is voted out of Survivor. "Thank you, Lord!" Sarah whispers. 

Time to Vote

5:55 PM:

Sophie notes Rob won his season through the buddy method. "Proven strategy is now being used on me!" she says. 

"People go far that way," Rob replies. 


Tight Three

5:53 PM:

Now, Rob admits he, Adam and Ben "aren't a tight three." 

However, he notes it's a numbers game, and there's little room to hide or negotiate. 

"It is a numbers game," Ben agrees. He tells Jeff how the day went -- his trip to the well with Adam and Rob, and the group chit chat about cookies back at game. 

"Sometimes less is more," Rob says. 

That Was It

5:51 PM:

Sarah tells Jeff that she only got seven or eight words in with the men throughout the day. 

"Nobody looked at me, nobody talked to me," Sophie adds. "It was like, the command was down, and that was it." 

Sophie says she has an issue with Jeff asking whether she and Sarah found a "crack" into the guy's group, saying she's not an "invader." 

Not Being Terrible

5:50 PM:

We're at tribal. "Most seasons of Survivor, the early stage of the game is about not being terrible," Adam notes... but now, everyone's "very, very good." 


5:45 PM:

"Sometimes you gotta trust the wink," Sophie tells the camera, as she and the rest of Yara head to tribal council with seemingly no game plan set. She's hoping for a blindside. 


5:44 PM:

"This is the buddy system on steroids," Sarah says, commenting on Rob's "negative" game. 

She gets up with Sophie to get some water. "Rob's an a**hole," Sophie says. 

The ladies are ready to take out the Survivor legend -- but can they find the opening they need to do it?


5:41 PM:

ROB HAS SO MUCH POWER. How does he get away with this? 

His plan to stick together has forced the tribe to sharpen their machetes and talk about deep fried food. FABULOUS. 

"There is no trust between the three of us, yet here we are saying we have to maintain trust," Adam says. How do they maintain trust? By not leaving camp ALL DAY. 

"It's just boring! Nobody can leave, nobody can talk! That doesn't really give us the opportunity to play and maneuver," Adam notes. 

Ben is ready to trust his gut -- but what does that mean? 


5:38 PM:

Sophie feels her game slipping through her fingers as the men -- who don't get along -- are now going off together to strategize. 

"Adam and Ben have really convinced me that they want to work with us," Sophie says -- but she's suspicious. 

Rob shakes hands with Adam and Ben, promising not to write their name down. "I have to establish trust with some people in this game," he explains. 

The men decide that Sophie is an asset in challenges, but Sarah may have an idol. "One very crucial step needs to happen," Rob says. He's proposing that he, Adam and Ben stick together -- AND REALLY STICK TOGETHER -- until tribal. That means not going off with either of the ladies. 

Womp Womp

5:33 PM:

Out of nowhere, Dakal solves the puzzle, sending Yara to tribal council. Womp womp -- another tribal for Rob!

He's bummed, but not that worried. "We've got expendable members here," he says. HOPE YOU'RE RIGHT. 


5:31 PM:

Yara breezes through the second obstacle and forges on. Sele tries to close the gap, heading over to the puzzle as Dakal continues to struggle. 

Dakal finally gets to the puzzle and all three tribes are trying to figure it out. Wendell and Parvati on Sele find some momentum and win it for their tribe! Immunity!

Challenge Time!

5:28 PM:

Challenge time! It's an obstacle course and Yara -- the green tribe -- is killing it. WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ROB THROW PEOPLE OVER OBSTACLES. Instead, he's throwing sandbags with Ben. 

Sele is a close second and Dakal is in dead last. 

New Alliance

5:22 PM:

The best thing the green tribe can do at this point is look for an idol -- it's going to be every castaway for themselves. 

"I usually have the answers, but this is a tough game," Rob observes. He's being forced to adapt to the new way of Survivor and it's HARD for him. 

After an idol searching session, Rob makes everyone empty their pockets -- but Sophie manages to escape with half an idol. She shares it with Sarah, and we have a new alliance!

Cracks Up the Wazoo

5:21 PM:

Sophie and Sarah feel the tension with Rob, Ben and Adam. 

"Are the boys free agents for Sophie and I to scoop one of us up?" Sarah asks the camera. 

Ben tells Sarah -- and Rob tells Sophie -- that Adam is a schemer. Then Adam says Rob is a schemer. It's quickly revealed that the guys ARE NOT TOGETHER. THAT WAS FAST. 

"There are cracks up the wazoo," Sophie says -- but she's worried the men still might stay together.


5:19 PM:

The green tribe, Yara, arrives at their camp -- and it's "not the prettiest," Ben notes. 

There's three from Sele and two from Dakal, but Ben is here with Rob and Adam, the biggest schemers in the game. 

"I definitely did not want to swap," Sarah says. She has the steal-a-vote advantage, so she can save herself and Sophie through one tribal, but then she has nothing. 

U Up?

5:18 PM:

Michele and Parvati talk it out on the beach, and Michele says that Wendell scolded her. 

"Wendell, when he got here, he kept his distance from Parv and I," Michele says. "I'm not surprised, because that's how he was in our relationship in the first place." 

"Wendell, right now is sending me the 'U up?' text, and I want to be like, 'New season, who dis?'" she says. 

Michele reveals she was "hurt" by her breakup with Wendell. THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING. 

Kicked It

5:17 PM:

"You're stranded with me now," Michele quips to Wendell. "You didn't think that when we started the relationship." 

Michele asks if it's going to be awkward, and Wendell says it won't. "This is the season of past relationships," Wendell tells the camera. "Me and Michele kicked it ...before." 

The Tea!

5:14 PM:

On Sele, Nick is feeling like he won the lottery -- but Wendell notes their shelter needs a lot of work. 

"This is fixer-upper," Parvati jokes. She notes to the camera that she and Michele are outnumbered on this tribe, and trying to find ways to work themselves in with the other players. 

Parvati and Yul were both on Cook Islands, but didn't really play together. However, his wife is a big fan of hers, and she sees an opening. Nick also tells Parvati that he had a big crush on her. "So, that was awkward," Parvati says. 

"Michele used to date Wendell, and I don't think they ended on good terms," Parv dishes. 

Good Spot

5:13 PM:

Tony tries to work his magic on getting Kim to stick together. She's telling him what he wants to hear, but she's not sure that's actually the best option for him. 

"I am smack dab in the middle, and that could be a really good spot for me," Kim says. 

Working Out

5:10 PM:

On the new red tribe, Jeremy's set on getting a "tall glass" of knowledge. He chats with Kim about where things stand, and figures out she's on the outs. "That's the weak link that I'm looking for," he says. 

Kim talks with Denise, who is also open to working with her. Things are WORKING OUT for Kim. 

The New Tribes

5:07 PM:

The tribes are as follows:

Blue: Parvati, Michele, Nick, Wendell and Yul. 

Red: Jeremy, Denise, Sandra, Tony and Kim. 

Green: Rob, Ben, Adam, Sarah and Sophie. 

Tribe Swap!

5:04 PM:

Sele and Dakal meet up with Jeff Probst on the beach... and he tells them to drop their buffs! Time for the tribe swap! 

We're switching from two tribes to three -- red, blue and green. 

"How the heck did I get stuck stranded on an island with my ex-boyfriend?" Michele asks.She and Wendell dated briefly, but she's hoping their Survivor gameplay can work out better than their relationship. 


5:01 PM:

Yul chats with Sarah and Tommy about his old pal, Jonathan, who he competed with on Cook Islands. Jonathan's wife has been diagnosed with ALS, and has lost most control over her body except for her eyes. 

"It just broke my heart," Yul cries to the camera. "I feel like no one deserves this." 

"This season of Survivor, I feel like I'm not just playing for myself. I'm playing for something bigger than myself," Yul continues. He's trying to use this season to raise awareness for those affected by ALS and their families. 

Fire Token

5:00 PM:

This week's episode has begun! And without Tyson, Dakal is feeling strong and united. 

Nick finds the fire token Tyson sent him, and suggests it could be a "token of appreciation." "I don't take this lightly," he says. 

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. 


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