Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell React to Barack Obama Catching Them Filming 'Anyone But You' (Exclusive)

The 'Anyone But You' stars dished to ET about their presidential encounter on the set of the film.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell were in the middle of one of Anyone But You's most romantic scenes -- when they noticed that Barack Obama was watching them. 

On Monday, ET's Rachel Smith sat down with the stars of the rom-com, who dished on the presidential moment. 

"I'm flying in a helicopter above Sydney Opera House and I'm dressed in a tuxedo," Powell says of the encounter. "I get to jump out of a helicopter and run up to the girl and confess my love for her and it was just one of those moments. During that scene, Barack Obama is also watching us shoot that entire scene. So it was just loaded."

"Barack Obama happened to be at Sydney Opera House the exact same time we were filming that and they're just standing up there," Sweeney adds. 

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"So to do that scene at the Sydney Opera House, it was like presidential approval," Powell says. "It felt like paparazzi, no, it's presidential detail that was hovering above the Sydney Opera House while we're shooting that scene."

Although he's an executive producer on projects, Sweeney and Powell didn't get any notes from the former POTUS when it came to their scene. 

Ahead of the film's release, the duo has been turning heads with their chemistry, which also sparked online chatter. Sweeney, who is the executive producer on the film -- knew she wanted to play opposite the Top Gun: Maverick star the moment they met.

"Well, we met each other on stage at the MTV Awards, and I automatically was like, 'Hmmm, his timing, his timing was so perfect," the Euphoria star says. "Then I saw Top Gun, and I thought he was really really good in it. And I was like, 'Let's get on a Zoom and see if he's interested.' And we started zooming and we hit it off and sent him the script."

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She adds, "And that's the start of it all." 

For Powell, the chemistry with Sweeney came easy.

"I think honestly if you're talking about somebody who's incredibly easy to have chemistry with, we really have the best time together and that's what like rom-coms are about," he tells ET.

The chemistry had to be there, especially when it came to filming a scene where Powell has a spider coming out of his nether regions.

"It's like someone, who you know, doesn't take themselves too seriously," he adds. "And when you have to strip down naked on the side of a cliff and act like a spider's, you know, coming out here, you know, there's no better person to go into the trenches."

"If you actually look at the scene, I start breaking down behind him," Sweeney says.

Fans will have a chance to experience all of the chemistry when Anyone But You hits theaters on Dec. 22.


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