Sydney Sweeney Got Her Grandmothers Roles as 'Little Old Nuns' in Horror Film 'Immaculate'

The 'Euphoria' star's two grandmothers were cast as extras in her forthcoming movie.

Sydney Sweeney's grandmothers are following in her acting footsteps! 

During the Euphoria star's Tuesday appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 26-year-old actress revealed that she flew her two grandmothers out to Italy to be extras in her upcoming horror film, Immaculate. 

"They'd never been to Europe. My grandy’s dream was to go to Italy, she's never left the country before, and so I surprised them, flew them there, and I let them be extras in the movie," Sweeney revealed. "They were like little old nuns in there."

Host Jimmy Fallon then showed the audience a photo of one of Sweeney's grandmothers taking a smoke break in full costume. 

"This is my grandy. She's iconic and she needed a smoke break in between takes," the Madame Web star explained of the photo. "So, we went outside, and I had to capture how amazing she looked."

Immaculate stars Sweeney, Simona Tabasco, Álvaro Morte, and Benedetta Porcaroli, and follows a nun named Cecilia (played by Sweeney) who joins a remote convent outside of Rome. However, her new adventure quickly turns into a nightmare when she discovers a dark secret in her new home. 

Of the horror flick, which Sweeney also produced, she told Fallon, "My dad loves horror films. And so I grew up watching them with him and I always wanted to do something in that genre. And I auditioned for a version of this movie when I was 16 and they never made it."

"So, 10 years later, I decided to make it," Sweeney said. "I called my agents and I said, 'I can’t get this script out of my mind. What's happened with it?' I then contacted the writer and we then wrote it to match a 25-year-old and then I attached producers to it and took it to a financier and I hired a director. … It was the first thing I ever produced. It was amazing."

During her conversation with Fallon, Sweeney also teased the possibility of a sequel to her hit rom-com, Anyone But You, in which she stars alongside Glen Powell. 

"I'm just so thankful that everybody's loving it," Sweeney said of the movie, which premiered in December and grossed $230 million worldwide.

"[There's] maybe like a high 9 chance?" Sweeney replied in response to a follow-up film.

Sweeney also noted that what was "really crazy" is that she wrapped up filming for Immaculate on a Friday "and then, on Monday, I was filming Anyone But You."

Immaculate hits theaters March 22.


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