Tamar Braxton Gets Engaged to 'Queens Court' Finalist Jeremy 'JR' Robinson

The reality star recently opened up to ET about her motivation for joining the dating reality series.

Tamar Braxton went looking for love and she's found it! During the final episode of Peacock's Queen's Court, the reality star got engaged to her finalist, attorney Jeremy "JR" Robinson. 

Hosted by power couple Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete, the reality dating series features Braxton, Evelyn Lozada and Nivea, as they date a group of 21 men vying to be their potential "kings."

Robinson proposed to Braxton during the final moments of the season's finale, telling the singer, "I don't wanna be your friend. I wanna be your husband. I'm here forever because I don't see my life without you. And I love you, Tamar. Tamar, will you marry me?"

Braxton accepted the proposal, admitting that she's "crazy" about JR, adding, "I can't believe I found what I was looking for."

The series also provided an update, sharing that Braxton and Robinson are still together after six months and are "busy planning their wedding!"

Braxton, meanwhile, recently sat down with ET and opened up about her motivation for joining the reality series, saying, "Well, you know, look I had to find Mr. Right somewhere!"

"I feel like I looked high and low and the truth is  I wanted to meet some potentials on there in a different kind of way," she shared. "You meet people through people and I think I done ran out of people."

While the songstress is no stranger to reality TV shows, she admitted that she has a bit of a "love/hate" relationship with them. But when it came to Queens Court, "Something told me to trust the process."

"I've never done anything like this before and what's the worst that can happen? I find love?" she added. "This TV show is so amazing, it's one of my most proudest moments. Because I got a chance to really be with some girlfriends, some people I really truly love and respect, who were looking for the same thing that I was looking for... We had vulnerable moments [and] we've had amazing moments."

The show also gave Braxton the opportunity for self-reflection, self-realization as well as personal and emotional growth.

"The number one thing I learned is that I wasn't as ready as I said that I was, in receiving love," she admitted. "The times when a certain amount of gentlemen would show me some type of affection, I didn't want it. Sometimes, when they would want to have certain conversations, I wasn't open. And I just really had to really check myself and make sure that this is an area that I had to work on before I, you know, just branched myself out a little bit."

Lozada, Braxton's co-star, also left the series in a committed relationship with her finalist, Lavon Lewis. The Basketball Wives alum recently revealed that Lewis popped the question on Lozada's birthday in December at a small gathering with friends and family in Los Angeles.

"The thing about Evelyn is, it is very hard to surprise her," the marketing firm cofounder told People. "I told her to pack her bags, we're going somewhere. She was blindfolded until she got to the front door. She walked in to about 20 close friends and family and the big 'marry me' letters, roses on the ground, things like that."

The mother of two admitted that she hadn't been expecting Lewis' proposal despite them previously discussing taking that next step, but praised her fiancée for doing "a really, really good job" in picking out her Twila True ring.

"It was the perfect size and shape," Lozada said. "I've never had that stone, so he did a really, really good job. But I'm not surprised. Lavon is a creative mind and he doesn't forget anything." 

"I would challenge people to think outside of the box and have faith and push themselves," Lewis shared when asked what he hopes Queens Court viewers take from the series. "I didn't think I would go into it and come out of it with a wife. But look at what happens when you open yourself up and challenge yourself and step up to the plate."

"Sometimes as women, you think, 'I'm 40, my life is over,'" Lozada added. "But just to keep working at it. Never give up on love."

Queens Court is now streaming on Peacock.


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