Tamra Judge Apologizes for Son's Transphobic Posts: I'm 'Extremely Upset'

Tamra Judge, Ryan Vieth
Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

Take a look at the reality star's statement addressing the troubling situation.

Tamra Judge is attempting to make amends after seemingly supporting her son Ryan Vieth’s hate-filled posts directed at the trans community.

“I'd like to address the many comments regarding my son Ryan’s posts on Instagram,” she captioned a photo of Martin Luther King, Jr., along with his quote: “The time is always right to do what is right.” “I have been extremely upset my son would post such a thing. A post that I did NOT see because he took it down immediately knowing it was WRONG.”

This is presumably referring to Vieth's since-deleted comment which advocated for violence against the individual who is famously suing a Colorado baker for refusing to make a cake to celebrate their gender transition.

“Hopefully this guy goes on a rampage and kills whatever transgendered [f**k] took him to court. Oops did I just say that,” he wrote, via All About the Tea. “This country needs to kill off this f**kery bulls**t.”

But that wasn’t all of Vieth’s recent transphobic posts. Last Tuesday, he shared a story about Britain’s first transgender family, whose five-year-old daughter is also transitioning. Vieth captioned the post: “LETS BE F**KING REAL, THE WORLD IS F**KED. COMPLETELY F**KED.”

That time, the Real Housewives of Orange County star voiced her support, commenting, “Wow that’s sad. 5 year old can not make decisions like that.”

In her Tuesday post, Judge also addressed her decision to endorse this post, writing, “Admittedly, I had a concerned ‘mom’ moment when referring to a post about a 5-year-old making life altering decisions. My comment did not come from a place of hate.” 

“I’ve encouraged Ryan to make his own amends but in the meantime, I'm extremely sorry, His words were harsh & unacceptable,” she continued. ”I have nothing but love & respect for the LGBTQ community....always have always will. I will continue 2019 with a renewal of peace, wellness & love for all.”

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