Tana Mongeau Addresses Khloe Kardashian Feud, Talks 'Canceled' Podcast (Exclusive)

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Tana Mongeau isn't afraid of getting cancelled -- even if she's a bit concerned about getting sued. The reality star recently kicked off her new tea-spilled podcast, Cancelled, and is opening up about the popular new program.

"Last episode, with Trisha [Paytas], we actually had my lawyer sit in, 'cause we were like, 'Just don't say some dumb ass s**t, Tana," Mongeau told ET's Denny Directo. "There was a point where my lawyer brought in wine, we were talking about something and my lawyer was like, 'Hold on, here's some wine.' And I'm like, 'OK, so I should shut up.'"

Perhaps it's Mongeau's fearless candidness, the show's revealing conversations or her devoted followers, but whatever the reason, Cancelled has become one of the most streamed podcasts after just a few episodes.

"I didn't think this would happen this way. I didn't think it would top the charts right away. I definitely thought it was something we would have to climb up and work for," she shared. "[But] the fans were right there streaming it before they even knew if they liked it or not, episode one. And I wouldn't have it, if it wasn't for them."

"I know it's such a cheesy thing to say but but my fans are the best ever," she added. "I can't even believe it. It makes me want to cry, even thinking about it."

After finding massive success as a YouTube star and internet personality, Mongeau has done a lot with her career, but podcasting has been a driving passion for years.

"I've wanted a podcast for so long," she said. "I feel like when I actually look at my entire career and I look back, that's the thing I've wanted consistently for years. Desperately!"

"But there was just always bad deals, or wrong timing, or there was definitely a few years where I would never be able to show up to something every week and get it out there," she continued. "I think that everything happens at the right time."

Being a part of a candid podcast, the host often touches on delicate topics that involve people in the world of YouTube stars and social media celebs -- as well as her own feuds, like the quasi-fight she started with Khloe Kardashian.

"I want to be best friends with her," Mongeau exclaimed when asked about the alleged feud. "I'm an idiot! I love Khloe. I think she's a f**king icon. She is so funny, she's gone through so f**king much, and she's so ridiculously strong."

The supposed beef stems from a joke Mongeau made on Twitter about Kardashian's ex, Tristan Thompson. She subsequently apologized for the joke during the first episode of her podcast.

"I have a habit of Twitter fingers. Let's be real. I see some s**t happen and I tweet it," she shared, "and sometimes it comes back to bite me in the a**."

Check out the interview above to hear more from Mongeau about her new podcast and even more drama.


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