Tana Mongeau Reacts to Creator of the Year Win at 2019 Streamy Awards (Exclusive)

The YouTube star took home the big prize at the Streamy Awards on Friday.

Tana Mongeau is the Creator of the Year!

The YouTube star won the night's biggest prize at the 2019 Streamy Awards on Friday, and she was super emotional as she joined ET's Oscar Gracey backstage to gush over the honor.

"I'm sorry, I'm losing my mind," Mongeau said with a laugh. "This is so big, it's like the biggest moment of my life."

"I'm just so thankful to my fans," she continued. "This is all them. Every video I've ever made, I've never looked at myself as the Creator of the Year... I'm just like, a girl making videos, living her life. I'm just so grateful."

The win was a "full-circle moment" for the 21-year-old creator, who accepted the Creator of the Year prize on behalf of pal Shane Dawson at last year's Streamys.

As for her own whirlwind 2019, which included her MTV reality series, Tana Turns 21, and her wedding to Jake Paul, Mongeau said what she's most proud of is, "the moments I had fun and the moments I was happy... The authentic moments where I was having fun with the people that I love, no matter what. There's so many things that I worked on that I'm really proud of this year, but connecting with my fans and just being myself is always the thing that I'm most proud of."

But as she was preparing to spend the night "sobbing" over the shock of winning, Mongeau said she got a sweet message from Paul before her category was even announced. "He literally was just messaging me, being like, 'You're my Creator of the Year, no matter what.'" 

Mongeau also spoke with ET on the Streamys red carpet earlier in the night, where she dished on those Noah Cyrus dating rumors and what she hopes to leave behind as we enter a new year.

"The only thing I want to leave behind in 2019 is anything that's inauthentic, to be real. I think it's very easy to get caught up in the world of press and maintaining an image and maintaining this highlight reel that the world expects. We all do it on our Instagrams. 2020, for me, is a really big year of realness and authenticity and being who I am. I gotta get back to that."

See more in the video below.