Tana Mongeau Defends Relationship With Jake Paul After Saying Their Wedding Was 'for Fun and Content'

Tana Mongeau is making it clear that her marriage to fellow YouTube star Jake Paul is the real deal.

Tana Mongeau is making it clear that her marriage to fellow YouTube star Jake Paul is the real deal.

On Wednesday, the 21-year-old star addressed the latest episode of her show, MTV No Filter: Tana Turns 21, in which she, at one point, referred to her wedding to 22-year-old Jake as "something fun and lighthearted that we are obviously doing for fun and for content." After receiving backlash, Tana took to Twitter to explain herself and said her quotes were taken "out of context."

"I understand ppls frustration with this sound bite from the show & it’s the last thing i wanna talk about right now but obviously i just uploaded an 8 minute youtube video on how much i love Jake & am not tryna look like that much of a sociopath hahahahahaha," she wrote. "i filmed those confessionals for the show A LONG TIME AGO! the 'for fun and content' sound bite was from a very long sentence lmao and was a little salty to see it pulled out of context."

"I understand though that MTV has their own creative & that these episodes are airing very late, especially in timing with the wedding," she continued. "i’m not trippin. i know that things have moved so fast, are unconventional, and confusing but i love jake. i truly do, in the weirdest f**king way. every second of this rollercoaster ride has been so fun & crazy. i hate that it’ll probably always come with owing people some explanation especially with so many things coming out like the show (which is quite behind)... but i know that’s kinda the life we signed up for. idk. i’ll f**k off."

Tana and Jake tied the knot last Sunday in Las Vegas and streamed it online for fans who were willing to pay. The ceremony definitely wasn't a dull one -- at one point, a fight broke out when someone threw a glass of champagne at Tana and Jake at the altar, though an eyewitness told ET that the fight appeared to be staged.

Prior to the wedding, Tana already found herself defending her romance with Jake, thanks to some skeptics saying their relationship wasn't real -- including Jake's own brother, 24-year-old Logan. But Logan eventually came around and served as best man at the wedding.

"[It took] a lot of convincing," Tana admitted to ET in an interview after the wedding regarding Logan's doubts on their relationship. "I think Logan is just apprehensive to see Jake get hurt because Jake's been hurt a lot."

"I also think it's one of those things where he loves his brother and, you know, if it's fake, he wants to, like, give him sh*t for it and evaluate it," Tana continued. "And I think it took a second, which was cool. I think watching Logan come around, especially today, watching him, like, give that speech, like, emotionally …even with his little f**king digs ... it was beautiful. In its own twisted Paul family wedding way."

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