Taylor Swift and 'Booksmart' Cast Fangirl Over Each Other

Taylor Swift Says Her New Music Will Have 'Political Undertones'
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It's a wonderful thing when women support other women!

Olivia Wilde's directorial debut, Booksmart, was released in theaters last week, and its cast has been happily promoting the movie on social media. One of its stars, Diana Silvers, took to Instagram earlier this week to share a video of herself singing the tune of Taylor Swift's "ME!" and telling people to go watch the buddy comedy, while calling out the singer herself.

"Go see @Booksmart please @taylorswift13 you will love i promise," Silver, 21, who plays Hope in the film, wrote alongside her video, tagging the "Look What You Made Me Do" songstress.


Much to Silvers' surprise, Swift reposted her video in her Instagram Stories and wrote, "Just bought tickets! Guys go see Booksmart cause in this house we support @oliviawilde. Congrats to @dianasilverss @beaniefeldstein @kaitlyndever and the rest of the cast on the INCREDIBLE reviews."

Shortly after, Dever expressed her excitement about capturing Swift's attention. "Thank you @taylorswift13 for supporting @Booksmartm" she wrote. 

Meanwhile, Silvers posted another video of herself elated that Swift noticed her post. "I got Taylor Swift to notice!" she said in her video. She also tweeted, "ummmm i dont even care that boys ghost me. taylor swift CAME THRU. and that is feminism working."

The R-rated comedy follows best friends Molly and Amy (played by Beanie Feldstein and Dever), who worked tirelessly all throughout high school to earn the best grades and get into the best colleges, only to realize they missed out on having any fun.

ET caught up with Wilde to discuss the critically acclaimed film and refreshing storylines. 

Watch below to hear more. 


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