Taylor Swift and Mom Andrea Donate $50,000 to Mother of Five Who Lost Her Husband to COVID-19

Andrea and Taylor Swift
Kevin Winter/ACMA2011/Getty Images for ACM

The mother-daughter duo also sent the family a handwritten note of condolence.

Taylor Swift and her mom, Andrea Swift, are giving back to a family in need. The 31-year-old singer and her mother gave a joint donation of $50,000 on the GoFundMe page for Vickie Quarels -- a mother of five whose husband, Theodis, died of COVID-19 this past December. 

The family's fundraising goal was $50,000 and thanks to the Swift's donation, they surpassed it. 

DeQuanda Smith, the organizer of the GoFundMe page, shared an update from Vickie thanking the "Cardigan" singer and her mother for their generosity. 

"Words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for all of the kind and caring people who have made donations in support of me and my five daughters," Vickie said. "I would like to especially say thank you to Andrea and Taylor Swift for your thoughtfulness and generosity from our home state of Tennessee." 

She went on to share that the Swifts had sent her a "sweet personal note" that "warmed my heart."

"The road ahead will definitely not be the same without Theodis but with each day I am humbled and anchored in hope that I can continue to raise the girls to be as compassionate and caring as all of you," she concluded. "Thank you so very much."

Theodis passed one week before Christmas this year after going to the hospital due to breathing difficulties as a result of contracting COVID-19. Vickie was not allowed to accompany her husband to the hospital due to COVID-19 protocols and he died shortly thereafter.